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1. a mosh pit of girls, all things vary, in a fight over some sexy ass dude. (sometimes not sexy...AT ALL...but whatever)

2. a battle to the death over a sexy bastard that doesn't like any of the girls (and has a girlfriend) but likes to watch them fight.
(this would be a Naruto fangirl battle example)
Ino- oh Sasuke, your so cute and all mine! ^_~
Sakura- Ino, i don't know what your talking about, Sasuke is all mine!
the look at eachother and start a fistfight.
kuni fly and punches and kicks are shared.
Sasuke- whatever...
walks away

(ok, now real life fangirl battle)
Lee- hi Newt, how are you doing today?
Newt- I'm ok darling
Rose- oh Newt, didn't see you there talking to her...
evil face
Lee- bitch, i would walk away if i were you.
Rose- oh really?
Newt- now lady's....please step over there before you start anything.
fists fly, Lee pulls a knife out of nowhere.
John- hey Newt, are you going to stop them?
Newt- nope
John walks away
John- asshole...
by Oumu November 14, 2007
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