A sub-sect of gothic vampire culture, consisting of mostly of, but not limited to, blacks and latinos.

They are characterized by custom fands, theatrical contact lenses. Their form of dress consists of hip-hop/raver/fetish gear, all black or UV responsive.

Seem to be primarily native of New York and its surrounding boroughs.
Tonight the fang bangers are throwing a party uptown.
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
Top Definition
A human who enjoys having have sex with and allows vampires to drink their blood.
Gran asked what a fangbanger was and Sookie explained that it is a human who allows vampires to drink their blood and enjoys having sex with them, sometimes for money.
(characters in True Blood)
#fangbanger #sex #drink blood #true blood #human
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
From the best show ever HBO's True Blood, Fang Banger means someone who enjoys having sex and being bitten by a vampire during the sex.
Damn! I want to sleep with one girl who ain't a fang banger!!!
#sex #vampires #hbo #true blood #sexy
by hahahahahaha123 August 10, 2009
Term popularized by the HBO hit show True Blood. Refers to a male or female who enjoys being bitten by and/or having sex with vampires.
Sookie's just a fang banger now that she's with Bill
#fanger #fangbanger #vampire #true blood #fangtasia
by Melissa Northman August 05, 2009
Used by HBO series True Blood to describe humans who like to have sex with vampires.
Cindy only dates Vamps. She is a Fangbanger!
#true blood #vampires #hbo #sex #fang #banger
by Sukee July 17, 2009
Human who is addicted to Vampires, Vampirefan, Vampiregroupie
A Fangbanger is someone who is addicted to Vampires
#vampire #vampirefan #vampiregroupie #stackhouse #dean until dark
by nOOb May 22, 2006
1) Someone who has a relationship with a vampire.
2) One who enjoys being bitten sexually (especially with fangs)
3) An overly-avid fan of True Blood or vampire stories (other then Twitards)
Have you seen her new boyfriend? She's a total fangbanger.
#true blood #vampire #sex #fangs #sanguinarian
by 9802 February 07, 2010
(noun) - word / term used to describe a vampire groupie.

origins: "sookie stackhouse" / "southern Vampire series" by Charlaine Harris (first seen in book "dead until dark")
, HBO series "True Blood" (based on book series)
Fangbangers were to vampires what groupies were to rock stars.
#groupie #groupies #vampire lover #vampire groupie #vampire fan
by fangtasia June 15, 2010
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