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Absolutely great, better than fantastic, emphasized
Children Bodom are fanfuckingtastic
by Laaaaaura July 18, 2006
fan-fucking-tastic (n.) being in the state of fantastic while still having a sense of sarcasm
I am feeling fanfuckingtastic today.
by byebyebirdy93 October 12, 2010
The most used term by Mr.Big during the 6 seasons of the best HBO series ever, Sex and the City...Second most used term by Mr.Big was "Absofuckinglutely", a personal favorite.
"You and me we're fanfuckingtastic together" (Big to Carrie)
by Jenny June 29, 2004
a word that enphasizes somthing in a possitive way (and also one of my fav words)
That Salty lamb i had was FANFUCKINGTASTIC!
by Talon May 31, 2004
like fucktastic but more of an exclamation used in a bad situation
well ain't that "fanfuckingtastic"
by r3n October 28, 2002