Something that is so good, you need the extra umph! in it.
How was the movie?
It was fan-fucking-tastic!
by Pepper005 November 21, 2010
A word used to describe how good something is. One better than "Fantastic".
This cheese is fan-fucking-tastic!
by John Gee May 09, 2008
a word used to describe how awesome something is, both in a sarcastic and serious manner, depending on what the context of what your statement is.
serious version:

Ryan: Dude i just got layed!

Tim: Fanfuckingtastic bro, about time you got some ass!

Sarcastic version:

Smith: i just got your promotion Jill!

Jill: well isn't that just Fanfuckingtastic?
by Todwolf Ruziki Malachi December 21, 2012
when something is so great it makes you want to fuck...
you look fanfuckingtastic
by crooks gal January 24, 2013
To emphasize the greatness of sexual activity with a mechanical or manual fan.
That portable desk fan was really fanfuckingtastic.
by John Maxwell IV September 18, 2009
The word fantastic with the word fucking in it to voice sarcasm. Usually used when something bad happens.
Auto technician:I'm afraid that you're car is irreparable.

Guy:Well now that is just absolutely fanfuckingtastic.
by David Lee Richardson April 10, 2008
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