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Something not good, said with sarcasm.
"My car was just stolen, that's just fanfuckingtastic"
by anonymous April 11, 2003
225 66
Really fantastic. Often used with a sarcastic tone.
Oh, now that's just fan-fucking-tastic!
by James Stanard September 10, 2003
88 32
A bastardization of the word "fantastic" with the word "fuck" added in for intensification.

It originated from the commonly used phrase "fucking fantastic" and was scrunched down into one word for simplicity.

Other similar words are "Infuckingcredible" and "Unfuckingbelievable"
"That show was totally fanfuckingtastic, no?"

"I had a fanfuckingtastic time today, Jane."
by Iceberg Man August 21, 2006
44 8
Used to sarcastically describe something as fantastic. Originally from Penny Arcade.
"So how did your algebra test go? Was it hard?"
"No it was fan-fucking-tastic!"
by Blackmac October 28, 2003
50 16
Something good or bad in a big way. Usually said in a sarcastic voice.
Well that's just fanfuckingtastic.
by Zaharias April 18, 2006
45 14
to be really really good
that sex last night was fan fucking tastic
by Ninjalo March 11, 2004
25 9
i.e. WOW! or thats good.. or another word for brilliant lol
just had sex.. it was good.....*fanfuckingtastic*
by mattie February 21, 2005
19 14