A very useful tool to make characters from TV shows, anime and video games gay.
Just recently, I made an Avatar fan fiction in which Fire Lord Ozai molests his son Zuko...then I made King of the Hill fan fiction that is involves Hank Hill and Khan Souphinosaphone engaging in a homosexual affair.
by The Harmeister July 10, 2008
A story about an already published work. Some are good, most are bad. See FanFiction.Net . In fanfiction...anything can happen, which is sometimes good, but mostly bad. -___-*
I had to sort through, like, fifty fan fics to find find some decent yaoi!
by oranges July 26, 2003
A piece of 'literature' written by a fan of a tv show, movie, series, anime, etc centered around the same or some of the same characters and possibly a similar plot. Fan fictions usually contain characters acting in a manner that they would never act like, dating people they would never date (including people not of their gender preference), getting with people that they would never get with, and so on. Many are never finished, are never editted, and are not worth reading. In sites such as fanfiction.net they are likely to contain yaio.
"(reads) ...And so Itachi pressed Naruto... (wait is this fan fiction rated R? -goes to read another-) ...Kiari commed her haire in perfekt emostile..."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 22, 2008
a story based on real people with a fake story line written by extreme super fans of whatever the story is about, usually about celebrities and is often EXTREMELY CREEPY.
by oh, hello there! August 17, 2009
An excuse to add yourself and your friends, as well as enemies, into a story. It's usually not very good, or interesting.
Girl #1: I wrote a fan fiction based on Naruto, and i got to kill off that Sakura, so I could have Sauke to myself!
by SerpentKing June 18, 2011
Fan fiction: throwing originality and copyright laws out the window to give those who can't think of their own ideas a sense of satisfaction.
Fan fiction writer: Oh my gosh, I totally just wrote an awesome Twilight fan fiction and Bella and Jasper totally made out!!!!!1!!

Real writer: Oh, that's interesting. I just wrote a well-developed original plot line that actually makes sense and isn't based off of somebody else's idea.
by aspiringnovelist April 04, 2010
Literature written for the simple purposes of either to change completely your opinion of a character or to disturb others with your messed up idea of how the plot should be. Can also be a way for more pervs to pollute the internet.
That is one messed up fanfiction.
by nooooooooobooooooodyyyyy September 03, 2008

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