Stories (usually utter crap) that wannabe 11-year-old "writers" post on websites for literate people to cringe over. They are most often created so some idiotic girl wishing she was half-talented can talk herself into believing she's actually pretty good (to beat it all, people will actually READ and PRAISE her for it). Other times, they are made because: the girl can't come up with her own storyline or characters, so she copies and trashes the author's; she wants to see her favorite characters have sex so she will get extra views from full-time masturbators, or possibly she simply hates the readers and/or the author and wants to disgrace literature. The best-deemed fanfiction are a combination of all three.
Why do English teachers dislike fanfiction?

Because they're literate.
by Trevrizent February 10, 2015
Fanficion is a form of writing where people take characters/ plots from books, movies, tv shows, ect and make it into something new. Some fanfiction an be bad and use smut, but a lot of fanfiction is well written. There are different forms of fanfiction. You have your oc and occ characters and plots and then you have the ones that stick to the same characters.
I just finished my Jasper and Bella twilight fanfiction and it has over 8k views.
by Catching_fire_fan March 03, 2015
Where the fandom often pretends that the writers got it wrong.
Irene: "I wrote some fanfiction where Fred Weasley survived the Battle of Hogwarts and he and George move their shop to Hogsmeade."
Benita: "That's not what happened in the books."
Irene: "Er, yeah. That is why it is FANFICTION."
Benita: "Oh, right."
by Rina Lam October 11, 2011
Fanfiction (also known as Fanfics) is writing that remixes characters, places, or plots from existing narratives to tell new, original stories. Existing narratives could mean things like popular books, TV shows, movies, games, comics, or plays. Some types of fanfiction even cast real people as characters in the stories. Fanfiction can expand the story world or can take known characters in completely new directions.
Fangirl 1: Hey I'm writing a new fanfiction
Fangirl 2: OMG what's it about
Fangirl 1: You, me, and our favorite ban
Fangirl 1's sister: you two need a life
by ari5sos January 12, 2015
Fanfiction or fanfic is a story created by a fan who follows a book, movie, tv show, anime or other.

A fanfiction aims to continue a story that is unfinished or to set the caracters of a story in another plot. Mostly, tring to keep their personalities but sometimes they can be out of character (OOC) too.
by eevee_me December 28, 2012
or 'fic or fanfic

a story or series written by someone around a published novel, movie, TV show ect

often titled somthing different from the orignal story line

most often writter by a fan hence FANfiction or 'fic
ME: "I have a lot of fans who read my Draco Malfoy fanfiction."

Have you seen how many Naruto fanfics there are??

Will you read my 'fic based of Ed Edd n' Eddy?

EXAMPLE OF A POSSIBLE 'FIC TITLE: Gryffindor Love **A Harry Potter Story**
by AYoungHorrorWriter May 28, 2008
What is Fanfiction? Basically, porn you have to use your brain for.
How Fanfiction works. *insert favorite couple you're shipping* And then...BAM *SEXY TIMES...AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY*
by The Friend Zone September 23, 2013

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