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Fanfiction Green is the color of Jensen Ackles' eyes.
Person 1: What color is Jensen's eyes?
Person 2: His eyes are fanfiction green.
#fanfiction #green #fanfiction green #jensen ackles #supernatural
by Kitty Sutton October 09, 2013
Fanfiction Green is the most common eye color in anime (and other) fan fictions. People think that it will not be considered mary sue because they are not blue, but they are always wrong.
Me: Hey Angel, what color are your 10 tails jinchuriki's eyes?

Angel: Bright green! Because no one has ever thought of THAT before •u•

Me: Like, fanfiction green?
#fan fiction green #fanfic green #bright green #emerald green #green eyes
by angelicFury March 04, 2015
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