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to steal or take something from someone
example 1.

boy: girl i know you didn't just faness my shades?
girl: they clearly in my hand aint they?

example 2.
guy1: aye bruh i just fanessed this iPhone from the teacher!
guy2: lehh go!! i would sell that shit for $300!!!
by lil'bitakaMS September 04, 2011
Used when some has 'pretty boy swag.' Usually when your giving your boy props on his outfit. The opposite is also used, 'no faness'.

pronounced: fuh-'ness
Positive Reaction:
*door opens*
Kid: "Oh booy, that jacket got faness on the real doe."
Mike: "Thanks bruh"
Negitive Reaction:
*door opens*
Mike: Yo this jacket got faness till' death whatchu talkin bout?
Kid:"HAHAHA take that shit off boy you look like Bill Cosby.
by therealmastablasta February 16, 2011
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