Look some of the Definitions for PS3 and XBOX 360
person A - "I think xbox has better online play"
person B - "shut the fuck you you stupid fanboy, you have to pay to play online"
by Just a random lad July 16, 2009
Fun info from the comic book legend John Byrne's site FAQ.

Did JB coin the phrase "fanboy"?

JB: The earliest use of the word "fanboy" of which I am aware was in the "Obligatory New Pages" of Jim Engle and Chuck Fiala's FANDOM CONFIDENTIAL collection (from the pages of "The Comic Reader".) In a scene in which Jim and Chuck collapse into paroxysms of mindless adoration because they have been in the room with me for more than five minutes, Jim had me refer to them as "a couple of fanboys in bondage".
This was a reference to/play on a Monty Python skit in which an Elizabethan character is scene reading "Gayboys in Bondage" which she claims is by William Shakespeare. (4/18/2005)
by El Tombo July 29, 2005
An acronym made up of the first letters of the common conjuntions For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet. One of these and a comma can join a dependent clause to an independent clause to make a compound sentence.
A semicolon isn't necessary, for I used a "fanboy" word in this sentence.
by weezil March 31, 2005

somebody who devotes more than a 40th of their life to something and regards it as gods gift. They will be so devoted that even when u do finally convince them that its bad or horribly wrong, they will still keep their dedication. ignorance is bliss
plays counterstrike 24/7
is unable to speak or respond in real life while counterstriking
runs to toilet to take a piss and runs back in under 10 seconds
by Squid August 01, 2003
Person with no sense of kickass and sucking, or right and wrong, because to him, his favorite thing is always the best.
Stfu fanboy.
by Ryoko December 25, 2002
A totally obsessed fan of anime/ manga. Also can refer to a girl that has not quite turned into a fangirl. Also called an otaku
Jeese, you're such a fanboy
by BattKattColourBlak February 20, 2008
In the video game world, a person who desperately prefers one system over others, and will hate every other without reason.
The fanboy said that Xbox was a worthless piece of garbage, but since he never played it, he was not telling the truth.
by Ainolketta February 18, 2005

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