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1. One who is overobsessed with a particular game, movie series, or anime, to the point of calling anyone who says otherwise about said franchise inferior.
2. See Sega Slayer.
3. See sonyroolz.
Those Nintendo fanboys won't shut the fuck up about how Sega and Sony's CEO's should suck each other's penises.
by dj gs68 October 27, 2003
One who is obsessed with something and thinks people who don't like it are inferior.
That stupid Final Fantasy 7 fanboy stabbed me in the balls today for liking Final Fantasy X better.
by DJ gs68 September 16, 2003
A person who is very, very different than a normal fan. A fanboy is someone who has a disturbing obsession with a medium and WILL start verbal world war one if you attempt to point out a glaring flaw of their wonderful, precious,'1337', perfect thing that is SUPERIOR to your preference. Do not try to argue with one, you are only inciting an unwinnable game.
Fanboy: OMG OMG X is 1337!!1!!!111 ur so dumb u dum ugy faggottard fanboy!!11!

Fan of another medium: Actually, X has an extremely cliched plot and dull, invincible protagonists. Really, how many times in the history of movies has-

Fanboy: OMG UR SCH A-

*Fanboy drops several dozen f-bombs on Fan-of-another-medumland. This continues until Fanboy vomits on himself in pure, unadulterated rage.*
by RightBehindYou August 21, 2012
Anyone that says they are a fanboy in a sentence, or claims that he/she is annoyed with a board topic being created for the 200th time is a fanboy.
"Being annoyed with the fact that this is at least the 200th time this topic has been made hardly makes me a fanboy."
by darthsweetness April 21, 2009
What most (not all) FFVII fans are.
Fanboy: FFVII is da shit! Sephiroth is the best villain!
Me: What did he do to be so good?
Fanboy: He killed Aeris and he destroyed Cloud's hometown!!
Me: So that makes him the best villain?
Fanboy: yes!
Me: Well, Kefka destroyed 3 villages, killed hundreads of people, almost entirely destroyed the world. And you're saying Sephy is the best?
Fanboy: Shut up!
by Chanook June 05, 2007
The nickname for anyone who is all of the below:

1.)Annoying, irratating, loudmouth

2.)Poser, trend follower, lacks own distinct poersonality/taste in music

3.)Engages pointless idiotic conversation just to make human contact with people that hate him

4.)Everyone hates him... if you dont yet trust me you will see why they do

5.)A person so physically and socially repulsive the only positive aspect of sitting next to him is the use of his fan
"Who is that singing along to Rush?"
"oh it's fanboy"

"thats tits yo!"
"There he goes fanboy again, disgusting another girl"
by Bob Mould November 16, 2005
A pneumonic device in AP style for remembering words that receive commas just before them when conjoining two independent clauses. (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
This is an independent clause, but this is also an independent clause.
by Tom March 30, 2005