a Fanboy seems originally a term applied to anyone into comic books, sci-fi, or other 'odd' hobbies. Now fanboy is typically reserved for over the top fans of comic books that dress as their favorite heros, and star wars fans, who seem to do the same.
I wasn't about to wait in line for five hours to see the new star wars film, not with all those fanboys standing there in their stormtropper costumes!
by Shojo Supuun December 03, 2004
1. One who is extremely emotionally attached to a particular hobby, game or game system, movie, comic book character, musician and their music to the point of absolute obsession.

2. Excessively favorable approval of something by a fan to the point where it receives excessive praise and said person will seek to ridicule anyone who disagrees with their point of views.

3. If a particular media is a classic and then is reinterpreted by another artist at some point in the future, obsession with classic rendition may lead to excessively and unnecessarily bash and ridicule said artist and anyone who appreciates the new interpretation more than the classic one.

1. Michael Jordan fanboy has owned or does own every single magazine, poster, trading card, and pair of sneakers he's ever participated in or released. Several signed pictures are evident on the walls of his bedroom and overpriced Jordan sneakers he can't afford are on his feet. May even shave head and wear jersey while out playing basketball with friends and believe he can 'be like Mike'.

2. Led Zeppelin fanboy believes they are the greatest band ever and Jimmy Page is the greatest guitarist ever and will fight with, ridicule, and yell out expletives to someone who says Van Halen is the best band ever or Eddie Van Halen is the best guitar player ever. Also, fanboy will not and cannot like Van Halen or Eddie Van Halen because of this and may even lose friendships over it.

3. Life long Superman fanboy watches Superman Returns for the first time and claims that it's no where near as good as Superman: The Movie was and Brandon Routh is no where near as good as Christopher Reeve was. Fan feels cheated and will ridicule the film to no end with anyone who disagrees and believes Superman Returns was a good movie. Will then list several reasons why he/she believes so for reasons that most people didn't even notice or care about.
by Jake Brasco April 12, 2008
A boy who is a massive fan of music, musicians, sport, game, movie or a TV show.
He is such a fanboy of Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Kesha.
by Kesha is Queen January 10, 2015
A universal term for anyone who likes something that you don't like.
"Battlefield *fans* are much smarter than stupid COD *fanboys*."
by PurpleSfinx October 08, 2011
One who is committed to a specific subject in a genre of popular culture such as comics, videogames, movies, ect.. in which they will defend the subject, devoid of any proper constructed criticism.
A fanboy may defend the new Star Wars movies, believing them to actually be good, despite their obvious lack of quality and intelligence when comparing them to the original trilogy. In a recent example, Harry Knowles (of aintitcoolnews.com) in 2002 claimed that Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was the best Star Wars movie to date. Did he really mean that Attack of the Clones was better than The Empire Strikes Back (agreed among many to be the best in the series)? Was Harry's statement made just so he could claim he had the minority opinion? Perhaps not, but his devotion to the Star Wars movies at the time influenced his statement a great deal, and further implemented his way of thinking. In the end, fanboys, such as Harry Knowles, will always believe that the next installment in a franchise will be better than its predecessor; thus no matter how bad something is a fanboy will always like it.
by Tim O'Malley June 06, 2008
Plural 'fanboys.'

A male variety of fangirl. These are males of any age though usually teens that are obsessed with anime and will often turn rabid over getting the latest copy of their preferred manga. Unlike a fangirl, fanboys tend to be a little calmer but will still start an online or real life war with you if you say anything bad about the anime/manga they like.

A fanboy will either streotypically be into mostly female characters with big boobs or strong personal or mostly epic male characters which they cosplay.

Some fanboys are however tame and enjoy detailed conversations about the thing they are a fanboy of and are open to suggestions of other things they might enjoy (unlike those who are so stubborn they think anything they haven't heard of must be rubbish)

They can be see with badges/stickers/keychains of characters, reading or drawing manga or playing computer games on hand-held devices.

Fanboys can be a fan of yaoi or yuri but will be unlikely to admit being into yaoi.

Not to be confused with an otaku or a weeaboo as fanboys don't have to be obsessed with something Japanese but dominantly are to a respectful if scary level.
Boy A: I really like Bleach.
Boy B: I know, you're a total fanboy.
by EndlessHetalia January 15, 2012
informal derogatory: A term used to describe people who bought a product that competes with the one you bought, which is probably more popular than your choice, for reasons that you wish to discredit or diminish because you’re secretly afraid or upset that you made the wrong choice.

ORIGIN from fan + boy.
You bought a brand new Macbook Pro? Whatever, your a fanboy, I'll stick to my Acer.
by AceHendo April 11, 2011

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