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A fan of a certain thing who will tolerate no criticism of that thing. Most often associated with "nerdy" subjects, especially the video gaming community. Most people are likely to encounter fanboys over the Internet, as the veil of anonymity allows the fanboy to be as aggressive and arrogant as he likes without the possibility of reprisals.
Ordinary, well-adjusted game player: "Good game everyone."

Hulking, stinking, fast-food loving arrogant fanboy: "OMFG YOUR A NOOB LOL I COULD KICK UR ASS UR MOM (etc.)"
by Muttering Master March 06, 2007
Someone who has no life but to bash a video game system. For god sakes people, just play damn system you want. Sony fanboys, stop picking on the gamecube saying its a kiddie system. Nintendo fanboys, stop picking on the ps2 in general. END OF STORY

*rolls eyes* fanboys..pssh...Cant we all just get along?
by Arii Calistine August 19, 2006
A passionate fan of cult entertainment, especially comic books and science fiction. Often pedantic.
We started talking about Marvel Comics and I let loose the fanboy in me.

"Han. Shoots. First." said the fanboy
by Warren Noble November 20, 2005
Biased people who think that the things they worship about are the masters of the universe. However, since they are biased, they will constantly bash opposing things instead of thinking about it and stating its positive and negative attributes.
Others say XBOX is the best for its graphics and games. Well, not really. PS2 and Gamecube has some more interesting games. And what makes a game a game is that it is fun to play with, not what it looks like.
by thesunfiredblanks December 02, 2003
A gamer who maintains loyalty to one system no matter what. Video game system FanBoys hate systems that are not their own. FanBoys are annoying and refuse to conceed to valid points made in defence of other consoles, and talk about their console of choice as if it is the only logical choice. AKA Eric
'My friend, Eric, goes by the alias 'Nintendofreak' and insists that the world would end without Nintendo. What a fanboy. He needs to just simmer and realise that there are games on other systems worth playing, regardless of what circuit board or buttons are running it.'
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
To similar effect as fangirl

A fanboy is any male who has exceptional bias to any form of pop culture who believes it's the best person or thing that has ever existed. It becomes the only thing they talk about and becomes a focal point in their lives.

Many fanboys embody their egos upon their fandom and take any form criticism towards it as though it was a blow to their own ego. To this effect they sometimes become hostile towards the person who made the criticism as if that person had directly insulted them.

Most common examples of things that have fanboys:

-Video games
-TV shows

Religious people have a similar one minded dedication to their religion as fan boys do to their preferred person or thing.
The fanboy became furious when someone in the chatroom mentioned thier dislike for Hello Kitty.
by Noel Blain September 18, 2005
Someone who worships a company, brand, concept, idea etc... to the point where they will not be capable of listening to statements disagreeing with their view.

The term itself is most commonly used on forums discussing "nerdy" topics.

It is often connected to nostalgia, and also often follows with hardship of argumenting for their own view, seeing as how they haven't had a reason to for themselves.
Jack: View {X} is correct.
John: I disagree with that opinion, I feel that View {Y} is correct.
Jack: You are wrong.
John: I feel that view {Y} is correct because of arguments {a},{b} and {c}.
Jack: You are wrong, view {X} is correct, because it is better.

Jack is the fanboy.
by LinuX February 04, 2006