Okay numbskulls a Fanboy is the same as Otaku Just go Read my Definition of that. Well actually not exactly the same but pretty much.
"Hey look a Fanboy."
"Who the guy reading that lame Manga?"
"Yeah he's a Dork"
"What the hell..."
"Dammit it didn't work!!"
by Shusaki February 19, 2005
A movie that is never going to be released.
todd: dude you wanna see fanboys?
bob: nah, we'll be dead by the time it's released
by fattyboii September 17, 2008
See sonyroolz
Sonyroolz needs to shut the f*** up.
by Cpt.Bob November 28, 2003
its a word that each letter stands for another word.. this is how to remember your conjunctions.. few, and, nor, but, or, yet, so duhh i dont no what all this other stuff is about duhh
english teacher:: okay these are the fanboy conjunctions get it? fanboy the f stands for few; the a stands for and; the n stands for nor;...ect.
by gabby March 05, 2005
An obsessed loser who can't get enough anime, evercrack, or star trek. Sadly, they gather togther, unaware of the social stigma their fantacism brings, dooming them to never experience sex let alone look at, or sniff a pussy. These retards are only slightly less annoying than people from France.
Bite me fan boy!
by T. J. May 23, 2003

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