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A gorgeous, young individual with a great personality,long dark hair,and a hot body. She tends to be smart, straight forward and lot of people tend to like her.
boy 1: I met this girl the other day,she was amazingly kind and gorgeous.
boy 2: oh i don't meet to many fanas where I am from.
by editor12345 May 19, 2009
58 22
1. A Spanish slang word (more specifically Cuban) that simply means dick cheese.

2. A word that can be used to describe something useless.
I didn't wash my schlong for a week and it ended up covered in fana.

My old N64 controller is all fucked up from Smash Bros. it's nothing but fana now.
by absolutezero1287 March 17, 2007
37 36
F-an A or F-ing A simply stands for Fucking Asshole or when slured Fuckin or Fuckan Asshole.
That F an A cut me off!
by Dante Williams October 29, 2005
43 72
F an A is the short version for "Fuckin Eh".
Fuckin Eh means to totally agree with a person.
Johnny:Fred was an ass last night.
Billy: Fuckin' Eh (F an A )
by Nicky Niky Nicki November 21, 2005
50 88
Fuck an ass
synomim to "pwned"
"D00d! u F'd his A!"
by B0B Tex-ass January 22, 2005
28 85