F-an A or F-ing A simply stands for Fucking Asshole or when slured Fuckin or Fuckan Asshole.
That F an A cut me off!
by Dante Williams October 29, 2005
Top Definition
A gorgeous, young individual with a great personality,long dark hair,and a hot body. She tends to be smart, straight forward and lot of people tend to like her.
boy 1: I met this girl the other day,she was amazingly kind and gorgeous.
boy 2: oh i don't meet to many fanas where I am from.
by editor12345 May 19, 2009
1. A Spanish slang word (more specifically Cuban) that simply means dick cheese.

2. A word that can be used to describe something useless.
I didn't wash my schlong for a week and it ended up covered in fana.

My old N64 controller is all fucked up from Smash Bros. it's nothing but fana now.
by absolutezero1287 March 17, 2007
F an A is the short version for "Fuckin Eh".
Fuckin Eh means to totally agree with a person.
Johnny:Fred was an ass last night.
Billy: Fuckin' Eh (F an A )
by Nicky Niky Nicki November 21, 2005
Fuck an ass
synomim to "pwned"
"D00d! u F'd his A!"
by B0B Tex-ass January 22, 2005
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