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fam unda these NUTZZZZ, after days of not bathing.
You can find famunda cheese between these hairy nuts and the taint region.
by BOB December 11, 2003
The cheese that is famunda my balls. It has the distinctive taste of man balls, very high salt and protein content.
My girlfriend ate some of my very salty famunda cheese last night.
#famunda #cheese #salt #balls #chin nutz
by Scott E. Irish January 02, 2006
The cheese found under one's balls.
Nathan is a devoted devourer of famundacheese from the executives of the company for which he works.
by coastworm October 29, 2003
The sticky, sweaty, stinky stuff that collects in between your legs under your scrotum. The origin of the word is based on the location of the cheese, from under your nuts=famunda
I need a shower to wash out the famundacheese.
by DeezNUtts June 05, 2003
You know when your nuts get all sweaty and you got that greasy, stinky feeling under your scrotum? Yeah... that's famundacheese
I got mad famundacheese under my nuts from my jock strap
by BMarsh February 26, 2003
A special cheese created in warm, moist environments. It has a cottage cheese like texture and a stronge smell like that similar to blue cheese.
Troy: heh, do you like famunda cheese?

Stupid boy: don´t know, where´s that from?

Troy: Famunda yur balls!!!
#cheese #balls #scrotum #smelly #mold
by Crazed Woman March 19, 2009
its when you are intercoursing and you encounter crush or flakes of fical,mucus-based,goodness left to you to enjoy for making such a good choice of sexual partner.
she has famunda cheese sticking to her thing,damn.
#famunda #cheese #dingle #cheesy #crust #cheesearoo #calculator #clock #belt #ddog #capitalism
by poser mobile September 05, 2006
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