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when a dude or dudette you are in love with dubs you an unofficial member of their family. hence the classic sentence "you're like family to me."
worse than being friend zoned. or better? who even knows.
(none of this matters of course if you are actually both feeling like bro & sis.)
Dude- I love you! You're like, family to me. I basically consider you my sister now.
Dudette- Yayyyyyy..... *feels all the disappointment*
Dudette- *calls friend* dude i just got totally family-zoned by Joe Bob! *cries*
by angiepants94 January 15, 2014
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Just like friend zoned but not seen as friends but seen as a member of your family
"ooo did that hot girl come round last night?"

"yeah but all we did was watch a movie and she called me her 'bro', I'm so family zoned"
by criticalmuffins May 29, 2015
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