Family Guy is an animated TV show created by Seth MacFarlane in 1999. It was then cancelled in 2002, but production then began soon after huge DVD sales kicked in.

Relies on pop culture and flashbacks to various points in history or geography, involving the characters and their hilarious outcomes.

Recently attacked by the creators of South Park, where the writers of Family Guy turned out to be manatees that would take a ball from their tank and put it in a small pile to form an episode.

Although, the episode was completely pointless, because we all know Family Guy’s writing isn’t that great, except for maybe the first 3 seasons as the jokes weren’t as random and were actually interconnected to the story.

Ever since the South Park episodes “Cartoon Wars”, every South Park fuck has jumped on the bandwagon and hated Family Guy. But what they don’t realize is that if you base a cartoon on total randomness and pop culture, you NEVER run out of material.

The South Park boys wish they had the amount of Family Guy’s audience, too bad.

Who the hell cares whether or not the show has a point? I don’t give a flying fuck, I want to laugh, and when I do, I watch Family Guy.

The exact reason why The Simpsons isn’t funny anymore, if their show was based off pop culture, you’d have never ending material.
South Park joke: Kid crawling up ladies vagina
Audience: lol?
Family Guy joke: Like that time I forgot how to sit down
by Sheep Licker July 16, 2006
A Cartoon with a cult following of <b>every man alive</b>. Is the substitute for all life function in a man's life and can replace any of the following:
-A Job
Wife: Honey, since it's our anniversary, I have something really special for you...

Husband: Aww honey, I love y-IS THAT FAMILY GUY ON TV?!
advantageously, attractively, creditably, extremely, gloriously, greatly, honorably, illustriously, magnanimously, most deeply, most fortunately, most fully, most highly, sincerely.-awesome; That's all that has to be said about FamilyGuy
"Oh My GOD!" *pause* "You can talk!" *very long pause*
by Jeremy April 13, 2005
A show that ran for threee seasons on fox and was then canceled, though it was incredibly witty and entertaining. After DVD sales of the show made more revenue than many of fox's current shows, they decided to uncancel the show and continue making episodes. Family guy is now in its 4th season
Family guy is as funny as Mat groenings The Simpsons and funnier than his Futurama. You can now watch this shows, whos canceling by fox shows the networks terrible lack of judgement, and whos uncanceling two years later shows the networks regret for all the crappy choices they make, on sunday at 9pm on Fox.
by poposhoot May 14, 2005
a funny animated series on FOX that got cancelled, but it was never funnier than the simpsons or futurama. now that the show has been brought back to Fox, a lot of faggots watch it which ruins the show, it lacks the originality and hilarity that it first had and sucks a lot, and actually has a reason to be cancelled this time.
bill: yo did u see that new family guy episode last night

jim: no family guy sucks balls now
by mafiaman720 August 07, 2006
An animated comedy show which, although would not have existed without the heavy influence of The Simpsons, has now arguably stolen the mantle of funniest and most popular cartoon in recent years. It's more adult themes and randomn non-sequiteurs seems to have caught the imagination of a younger, more sophisticated Simpsons-weary generation. Less obtuse and sweary than South Park, which also appears to have had it's day.
"Family Guy is the Simpsons for the new Millennium"
by Bobx December 02, 2006
Family Guy is a vastly popular animated comedy that originally aired on FOX. Notably, it's entire fan-base consists of pretentious 12 to 15-year-old children with no taste or sense of humor.
Family Guy was created by Seth MacFarlane, who is very self-congratulatory and egotistical about the success of his show. However, it's a mostly undeserving success, as the show contains nothing but mediocre animation, and ugly art style, bland and tasteless humor, prejudiced political and racial opinions, and empty, soulless characters. The only thing this show deserves an award for is coming up with a genius marketing scheme by targeting an audience of confused, socially-inept teenagers.
The characters of Family Guy, as well as the show itself, have bloated in popularity over the years that it's been on television. Mr. MacFarlane is commonly praised for his genius writing and character development, however, if you have the intelligence to look a little deeper, you'll realize the characters are all extremely inconsistent in personality, and are simply rehashed personalities filling an otherwise empty shell.
As of now, the show is scraping at the bottom of the barrel, airing on failures of networks such as "Adult Swim", struggling to stay afloat in a sea of superior television shows. Every few months, Seth will release another unfunny, boring episode that's immediately loved unconditionally by it's pathetically unintelligent fan-base.
Jared: "Hey, man, did you see that new episode of Family Guy?"

Alex: "Yes. It was terrible and unfunny, same as always."


Alex: "Get out of my house."
by DangerH April 30, 2011

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