The show Fox apparently revived by accident instead of Futurama, which is only 500 times better and not gay.
You know what's funnier than Family Guy?
by lol butts March 14, 2006
an irritating show that could not be more simple and unfunny. the fans are loud and stupid, and the creators are no different.

family guy makes fun of every group of people, denies the equality of all humans, and doesn't care who they offend -- from an average african american kid to muslim terrorists.

plus they steal jokes from pop culture and take credit for it, even though none of their jokes are funny.
it's just bad joke after bad joke with family guy.
by david yik September 26, 2009
One of the worst shows ever animated. Poorly animated. Characters have very little in-betweening done. If any. Characters could be drawn by a child. Also not funny. The running jokes (Evil Monkey, Chicken) sre tired and stale. The episodes are for the most part based on pop-culture references and will lose their relevance in a few years. And if a joke is not based on one(pop culture reference), the joke takes forever to set itself up. There isn't really any essentials of normal comedy in the show (Comic timing, Sight gags). If there are there are very few. Family guy goes to show that if you work at Hanna-Barbera a few months, your show can be a total $uccess. Let the sell out merchandising at hot-topic begin!
Ren and Stimpy, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Matt Groening and God Hate Family Guy.
by Steve JS February 08, 2006
The worst show in the world. It's completely random, popular only with geeks who are looking for some kind of new comedic statement, and is usually against a whole group of people.
Screw Family Guy, so Simpsons!
by Pseudonym Taken June 17, 2009
The show that forever ruined comedy, since it proved that random, irrelevant statements are funny. It is similar to Star Wars and Jurassic Park, which by their "perfect" special effects ruined special effects forever.
Family Guy is incredibly funny! But how, and at what cost?
by RedBlade7 March 26, 2008
Family guy sucks and seth macfarlane is an asshole. i had dinner with him in philly and he was the biggest fuckin dick i ever met. he wouldnt even mantain eye contact. he was also being a jerk to the wait staff.
family guy sucks it's not funny anymore and the creator seth macfarlane is a total asshole.
by bob bobins July 22, 2009
A show about a obnoxious fat guy and his big nose wife and mentally disturbed daughter, dumb older son, and evil turned gay baby, and talking dog. When it it first aired, it was okay but got old real quick and was canceled but brought back because of popular demand by geeky thirteen to sixteen year olds who bought all the first few seasons on DVD memorizing every joke because they think random piss poor puns are comedic gold. Ever since then, it has gone on a slow decline to the point where the writers just rely on cheap gags and two to three minute long unfunny flashbacks and stupid musical notes. Yes there are some good episodes but for every good one there are ten bad ones. If you really look at it, it's nothing more than a cheap rip off of the much better in comedy and animation the Simpsons. The characters are annoying, the the plots happen in the last ten minutes while the first ten to twelve is just random unfunny crap and worst of all the show gets preachy to the point where you can't stand thinking about it.
Plus the creator, Seth McFarlane is nothing but an arrogant prick who makes fun of people that don't agree with him or Bill Maher but fails every time.
13-16 year old geek: Hey did you watch Family Guy last night, it was so funny!

Normal Person: No because I'm not a retard with no friends who thinks a fat guy trying to pick up a dead frog with a shoe box for five minutes is funny.
by techkid41 April 12, 2011

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