The greatest TV show to be cancelled and then resurrected.... actually the greatest TV show ever. Warning: May cause you to lose control of your bladder.
Do I really need to put a quote?
by Elmsters May 23, 2005
the best animated show ever created. better than south park, better than futurama, even better than the simpsons. brought back to tv (thank the almighty lord Peter, healer of Quahog) thanks to the best dvd sales for a tv series ever! revolves around the life of peter griffin and his family; lois, stewie,brian (the talking dog) chris and meg. as quagmire would say, alllllright.
wow this is more intense than that time i forgot how to sit down.
by miglington June 01, 2005
A funny show, I love it!

people are trying to get they're point across that it is a bad show or that it steals from the Simpsons, which is a show i also like. People if you think it sucks why even bother taking the time to whine about it here, if you think people who watch it are stupid, then good for you, and know you're smarter for not caring or watching the show, If you love family guy , doesn't mean you have to make others like it to. sure you can love it and watch it, i do , and if you dont like it, don't watch it.
Family guy is so cool

I KNOW !!!!!!!!!!
#family #guy #family guy #familyguy #wildchickenfeet
by Spencer June 17, 2006
The greatest show on Earth.. Seriously.. It stars Peter, 42 (when the show started) Lois (40), Chris (13), Meg (16)Brian (?) and Stewie (1). A clever show which uses other sitcoms and such to add to its humorous ways. A show that probably half of America didn't even know existed until season 4 was put on the air. Mostly everyone loves Stewie, the maniacal 1-year-old baby who later through the series turns away from world domination and more towards his homosexual side. But like before, most people claim they know everyone about FG, when in reality, they only watch the season 4 episodes every once in awhile.
Person 1: Yo, I know everything about Family Guy! Just go ahead and ask!!!

Person 2:Who is Brian's cousin? What's Stewie's middle name? How old is Peter? Who is Greg the Weather Mime? Where did Brian go to college? How did the evil monkey in Chris's closet turn evil?

Person 1: How the hell am I supposed to know those?!?! Those weren't on Family Guy!

Person 2: Dunce! Stop watching just season 4!
#synonyms: #noobs #dunce #antonyms: #obsessed
by Tailswune November 26, 2005
A completely random, but completely hilarious show that was cancelled by FOX in 2002 but was bought back in 2005 after FOX saw how popular it was. Complete genius, and better than the recent episodes of The Simpsons. Also a great source material to steal quotes from.
"You run like my refridgerator - homosexually"

Family Guy. It pwns The Simpsons.
#stewie #freakin sweet #random #funny #fox
by Antony August 09, 2006
A great animated sitcom premiering in 1999, in Australia it airs on the Seven Network and FOX in the USA.
Family Guy
1999-2002, 2005-
Seven Network
#cartoon #sitcom #fox #animation #seth macfarlane
by P Redeckis May 12, 2006
The funniest show on TV(that malcom show isn't the funniest; family guy is). The characters are:

Peter Griffin; the main character of the show. He is a fat dumbass, but hes the funniest one. lol

Lois Griffin; Peter's wife.

Meg Griffin; Their 16 year old duaghter. Shes a poser, who trys to fit in.

Cris Griffen; Their 13 year old son. Hes also fat and dumb.

Stewie Griffin; Their evil baby. Hes always trying to kill Lois. Hes pretty funny too.

and Brian; the Griffin's talking dog. Hes probaly the smartest one. He is also funny.

They live in Qoahog, Rode Island. I think this show is waaay funnier than The Simpsons.
"Lets go watch Family Guy."
by meatwad's ghost May 27, 2005
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