It's amusing, funny and completely FUCKING AWESOME.

Family Guy is probably the funniest thing ever created ever. not only on TV.
--example of funny parts from some chapters in Family Guy--

Peter: Hi everyone I'm Peter Griffin, you know we had a lotta' laughs tonight, but, I'll tell you whats not funny. Killin' strippers. Strippers are people too, naked people who maybe are willing to pleasure you for a price you negotiate later behind a curtain in the V.I.P room. Besides, there's no need to kill'em, 'cuz most o'them are already dead inside. G'night everyone *waves*

--other episode--
Peter: *to Lois* Hey I just got a piercing down there. I'm not gonna tell you where, but I'm gonna give you a hint.
It wasn't my nose, neither of my ears and it was one of my balls.

--other episode--

--music: dum dum, dudum--
oh this is one fine day to be nude.
-crescendo-Oh this is one fine day to be nude.
the birds are singin Clinton have a wonderful spring
and people walkin' by can stop and look at my thing,
oh this is one fine day to--

*throws an egg at clinton and runs away*

Clinton: Hahahahahah well if you can't laugh at yourself...

That one left me laughing so badly,
i woke up tomorrow with one of my balls up my nose.
#clinton #chris #peter #family guy #fuck
by Trigonometrium September 12, 2007
a funny show
I was watching family guy the other night On FOX
#family #guy #funny #a #show
by slipknotfan98 December 30, 2011
A show that has many lovers and many haters, but I, for one, like it a lot. They recycle jokes a lot, but there's always one that just cracks me up. They're one of the few shows that can actually make physical humor funny (They have great timing).
Family Guy is funny, but here are some recurring jokes I'm REALLY getting sick of:

1. A group of the characters are involved in some argument or action packed scene but somehow find themselves in casual conversation.

2.Spontaneous showtunes where the lyrics aren't comedic (Seriously, they're just filler for two minutes of airtime).

3. Pop culture references from before I was born (I don't get them!)
#peter #brian #stewie #meg #lois #funny #show #fox
by Hotdog Willie December 22, 2006
The greatest show on televion.
Family Guy Rules
#stewie #peter #lois #brian #chris #meg
by Hahns February 08, 2010
A show made by fox ussually about peters mistkaes and stupidity and is pretty funny. Stewie hates lois his mother and is always trying to kill her and take over the world. Brian the talking dog is always fighting with stewie. Meg the daughter is the odd one out and always exluded from the family. Chris is a fatty with a big wiener (according to one episode the one where peter gets a gun and goes hunting with chris).
if you seen the show family guy all the time youll know what im talking about
#peter #fatty #chris #wiener #meg
by urmom100 April 16, 2006
It is a hilarious show. The creators and writers are brilliant comedians, who write with a brand of humor undoubtedly absurd and creative, but not relevant or precise in semantics, and sometimes without appeal to the more touchy watcher. And, anyone who says it is for the less intelligent is most likely less intelligent than the creator, Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the team.
You: I watched family guy last night, and I dreamed of footballs and strange babies.
#comedy #hilarity #animated tv #kbcw #funny
by phytoyeman May 19, 2011
Family Guy Christmas Is AMAZING!!!
Santa is dying.. save him! FAMILY GUY!
#family #guy #famguy #stewie #brian
by UrbanD101 December 13, 2010
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