A rip-off of the simpsons.
Simpsons-Family guy
by ninjacow October 16, 2010
Family Guy has some good humour but it's all stolen from The Simpsons. Without The Simpsons, there would be no Family Guy. Hey, The Simpsons already have a fat stupid guy, there's no need for another one SETH MACFARLAND

Guy 1: Did you watch Family Guy last night?
Guy 2: God no, I just watched The Simpsons
by JUJSAWE June 04, 2006
A television show that was canceled by Fox after 3 seasons was later brought back after several years. The fourth season is widely viewed as a great disappointment. The main characters are Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Meg, and Chris.
"The fourth season of Family Guy blows so much that I'm not even going to download it!"
by Error01 December 18, 2005
The animated comedy that was largely looked over for its first few seasons and eventually cancelled. During its cancellization the show was distributed to various other channels by fox. From there the show was popularized through word of mouth in high schools throughout America. In 2005 the show was "uncancelled."
1.Man sure sucks that family guy got cancelled, I was one of the only ten people that watched it the first time.
2.Wow Bob! thanks for telling me about Family Guy, it sure is a great show. (one week later) Crap sucks the show got cancelled.
by DrJ May 30, 2005
-A show that was funny at first but then it failed shortly after it was re-aired.

-Its creator is an asshole that treats his fans like they are nothing. Why would you treat whoever likes you like shit? Get a life Seth. Get a life. Now its mainly watched by people who laugh at whatever is used as a stupid pun.

-I'm surprised most of the faces of pop-culture havent tried to assasinate Seth.

-It is often quoted by kiddies the day after an episode airs.
Dan: Hey you remember the old episodes of Family Guy? You know, when they didn't turn to shit?

Mike: I sure do.

I'm starting to wonder how better peoples lives would be affected if Seth died or the show just stayed cancelled.
News anchor: This just in! Renee Zelweger just shot Seth MacFarlene in the chest six times with a 9mm pistol!

Drake: Oh shit! I missed Family Guy last night! Could you recite the funniest moments?

Kiddie: Ok Peter won a golden ticket and he was running like that scene in Willy Wonka and he tripped and hurt his knee and went "Ah! Tssssshhhhh!" repeatadly!

Or, if this were spoken to by an intelligent person

Kiddie: Hey on Family Guy there was this part where--

Person with a brain: Yes! Peters dad died and he went to Ireland to see his real dad! I saw the episode last night on TV for the fifty-billionth time and it was the same stupid jokes over and over so I dont need to hear you repeat it over again!
by General Radec November 04, 2009
A show that was once a fashion statement to be obsessed with, and now is a fashion statement to hate, because a few kewl kids thought they would break away from the pack and hate on it.

Guy: Dude I love Family Guy, COOL HWIP LOLOLOL


by EverybodyLeaveIHaveToPoop August 23, 2009
A topic that is overused in school or by friends
Guy 1: Hey dude that was funny on Family Guy when peter-

Guy 2: OMG SHUT UP!!!!!!
by Rubber_duckee November 08, 2010
Animated Show on Fox created by Seth MacFarlane and cancelled twice and brought back due to its cult following. Based on a 5 person dysfunctional family and incorporates current events, stereotypes, and other random happenings to make me and every other great person on earth shit themselves.
Stewie: You there! Cut my eggs.
Butler: cuts eggs Your eggs are cut sir.
Stewie: Cut my milk!
Butler: I can’t sir, it’s liquid.
Stewie: Imbecile! Freeze it, then cut it, and if you question me again I’ll put you on diaper detail and I promise I won’t make it easy for you.
by Animalrights69 May 19, 2005

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