An amazingly hilarious show. Best cartoon on earth. The characters are:

Peter Griffin- the main character, very very fat. Very very dumb. Very very random

Lois Griffin - peters wife. The logical one. Tends to get crazy once in a while and cut loose. Comes from a rich family, who dont approve of her marraige to peter, who is completely rude and ill manered.

Brian- their talking dog. Likes to be treated like a human. Sometimes his dogish quirks come out. Always has a martini on hand. Has the hotts for lois. Hates stewey but always gets roped into looking after him.

Stewey- the extremely smart baby of the family. Somehow turned out british. Has a secret plan to dominate the world. Tags along with brian all the time.

Meg- the eldest daughter. Hated by all. usually find humor in her depression and how suicidal she is. Extremely ugly. If the family had to lose one child, it would be her.

This show had its first season on Fox but was cancelled due to its dirty, crude humor. Millions of people were crushed. Other stations started playing the show, and fox lost many many viewers to those stations, after a while they realized their mistake and took the show back for a 3rd season in '05. This show is completely random, and the weirdest things always happen. A lot of times they make fun of political issues. Or other tv shows. You think one thing is going to be the plot for the first 15 minutes, but then it makes a drastic turn from there.
In one episode of Family Guy Peter became convinced that Jewish people were much more advanced, much smarter, and much better with money than non-jews. so he sang a song about needing a jew and voila a jewish accountant showed up at his door the next morning. then, he asked lois if he could give chris a bat mitzvah so he could be jewish because he thought that all jewish people were rich just because they were jewish. So, when lois said no he drove across the country to las vegas to get a quicky bat mitzvah. nice eh?

an example of the randomness:

on the side of an episode they could also be following a battle between snap krackle and pop and the keibler elves, which they did in one.
by ladalda January 29, 2007
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A great cartoon cancelled by FOX. The main character, Peter, was even dumber than dare i say it, HOMER SIMPSON. And their evil baby Stewie was so badass.
I have every episode of family guy on DVD.
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003
Simple math, really.

The Simpsons minus the genius-ness that the Simpsons series has equals an overrated TV show for people who find irrelevant and random clips humorous (aka Family Guy).

Some people may think that South Park was being "random" with the manatees on the Cartoon Wars episode, but unlike Family Guy, this idea was a great use of metaphor of how it seems as if the writing staff of Family Guy just take random ideas ("idea balls") and put them together to form a "Remember the time when..." joke.

The only way I`ll ever credit Family Guy as "genius" is if the whole reason of creating Family Guy were to make easy money by targeting the not-as-mentally-or-emotionally-intelligent group of America (which appears to be a lot) with cheap jokes.
Family Guy Staff: Let`s take 5 idea balls and write another one of our classic jokes!

(more math)

"Laundry" + "Date" + "Winning" + "Mexico" + "Gary Coleman" = Lois asks Peter to do the laundry, and Peter recalls winning a date in Mexico with Gary Coleman.

"Remember the time when I won a date in Mexico with Gary Coleman?"
by [itsANGiE] December 20, 2008
Very formulaic and repetative mainstream animated comedy. Other than a few jokes that could be cast-offs from the NEWER series of The Simpsons, half the humour starts with words such as "remember the time when..." which lead into some "humorous" random flashback sequence, the other half being visual references to pop culture past and present that you can see coming from a mile off... Loses it's freshness well within the 3 episode mark.

Also manages to spawn annoying catch phrases that trendies and wannabe liberal hipsters like to repeat.

The fans are usually irritating too.
Kid 1: family guy iz so awesum!1
Kid 2: No, go and watch some Blackadder, Red Dwarf, or if you realy need animated comedy, South Park. At least they don't resort to 1937284562 "remember the time when..." jokes
by PsychoFox October 19, 2007
An overrated tv show comprised entirely of flashback scenes. Transition phrases are used to accompany the flashback such as: "remember that one time...", "like that one time...", "this reminds me of that one time...", "remember that one time you..."
This reminds me of that one time i became retarded watching family guy.
by vt from the 206 December 10, 2005
A TV show on FOX that was probably the funniest show EVER in the history of television. It started on 1-31-99 and after 1 or 2 seasons, FOX was in probably the biggest and worst drug haze ever and decided that the millions of happy viewers who were fans of the show were wrong and they cancelled the show on Valentines Day, 2002. Good job, cupid. After this, the show hit it big on other channels such as TBS and Adult Swim. FOX finally came to their senses and begged the creator, Seth MacFarlane, to create another season. Season 3 aired on 5-1-05, after 3 long, painful years. You can find it on FOX's "Animation Domination" sunday nights at 9.
Chris: Guess what word I'm thinking. Hint: It's deffinately NOT kitty.
Meg: Oh, I don't know. Is it KITTY?
Chris: GET OUT OF MY HEAD (runs upstairs in tears)
by Redwhitencrue25 July 19, 2005
Animated sitcom that uses pop culture references in place of jokes
Quoting "Family Guy" is no substitute for developing a sense of humour
by Weldo July 25, 2008
a show of wide following that people quote more often then the bible and the constitution combined
Peter: look Brian my ABC soup is sending me a message, it says ooooooooooooooooooooooo

Brian: Peter those are cheerios

Family Guy
by dontworrybehappy September 19, 2005

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