A cartoon show superior to The Simpsons.
Ofently misunderstood by ignorant people who have not the intelligence to get the jokes and dismiss them as "random pop culture references" because they just parrot that South Park episode.
Ignorant person: "Hey, in that Family Guy episode, the thing with 'Round Table' with Al Michaels, Harold Ramis, Ray Romano and Kermit the Frog was completely random! That sucks!"
Family Guy fan: "The joke was that all their voices sounded the same, you uneducated twat!"
by TomSFox January 19, 2007
A painfully unfunny show that tries to make humor with phrases like "remember when someone did something at somewhere?" or any variation of that phrase, which is followed by a scene similar to the phrase, which doesn't add any form of humor to the already crappy joke. Seriously, if humor was a bus and it hit the makers of Family Guy at 60 mph, they still won't know what it is.
The humor in Family Guy is just as interesting as observing the effects erosion that air has on a sugar cube.
by } July 10, 2008
A horrible show that has no depth or character development what-so-ever. Most of the jokes are completely irrelevant as pointed out clearly in South Park (Cartoon Wars episode.) This show gets extremely annoying very quickly.
Kid 2: You really want attention don't you?
by matt June 14, 2006
A show that steals ideas from other shows and is overpraised by idiots which is almost everyone in the US who love it and causes them the bash, insult, put down anyone who has a negative opinion on it.
Idiot Fan: U dn't No anIeThing, FamilE Guy is GenUs!

Me: No...Family Guy sucks and your the one who knows nothing no thanks to that damn show!
by Twilightisworthless May 25, 2009
The Simpsons for retards
This show "Family Guy" sucks
by bato July 16, 2006
a show that should still be cancelled. known for its stupidity and lack of humor. a complete rip off of the simpsons example: a stupid drunk dad, a mom with some type of brains, some type of pet, a misunderstood daughter, a stupid troublemaking son, peter griffin has 3 drinking buddies and homer simpson (for the most part) also has 3 drinking buddies. family guy was made for people with an IQ of 10 or lower...basically for the brain dead and zombies.
Family Guy is written by manitees. thats from South Park an actually FUNNY show. fuck family guy...
by el reye August 05, 2006
A television show best described by a shameless plagarism attempt, in an effort to create a cartoon series which could even be 1/2 as entertaining as The Simpsons.

Inspiration, is often the seed for works of great innovation. Imitation, isnt always a bad thing. Influence, is where techniquies are adopted, imitated, learned from and incorporated as a part of one's own unique style. Giving 'nodds', is where a writer will steal an idea for use in one of their own works - yet openly credit the original author. For example, in Office Space, the characters plan to use a bank robbing scheme which was already done in Superman III. So, they introduce this scheme such that one character says "yeah - just like they did in Superman III". Theres no shame in that, its like giving propps.

Then, we have plagarism. Family Guy is a series guilty of shameless idea theft - not just at the dialogue level, or the plot level - but I mean, I have seen exact sequences appear in Family Guy, which were stolen directly from The Simpsons. Its shameless idea theft. It's a crime.

The writers of Family Guy are incapable of creating innovative or original work, so they steal scenes from The Simpsons without even understanding why they are funny.
by TSL January 20, 2006
A pathetic ripoff of The Simpsons. See also American Dad!
Up next, The Simpsons. Then another Simpsons.. I mean, Family Guy.
by JNNC July 23, 2006

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