Family Guy is an animated TV show created by Seth MacFarlane in 1999. It was then cancelled in 2002, but production then began soon after huge DVD sales kicked in.

Relies on pop culture and flashbacks to various points in history or geography, involving the characters and their hilarious outcomes.

Recently attacked by the creators of South Park, where the writers of Family Guy turned out to be manatees that would take a ball from their tank and put it in a small pile to form an episode.

Although, the episode was completely pointless, because we all know Family Guy’s writing isn’t that great, except for maybe the first 3 seasons as the jokes weren’t as random and were actually interconnected to the story.

Ever since the South Park episodes “Cartoon Wars”, every South Park fuck has jumped on the bandwagon and hated Family Guy. But what they don’t realize is that if you base a cartoon on total randomness and pop culture, you NEVER run out of material.

The South Park boys wish they had the amount of Family Guy’s audience, too bad.

Who the hell cares whether or not the show has a point? I don’t give a flying fuck, I want to laugh, and when I do, I watch Family Guy.

The exact reason why The Simpsons isn’t funny anymore, if their show was based off pop culture, you’d have never ending material.
South Park joke: Kid crawling up ladies vagina
Audience: lol?
Family Guy joke: Like that time I forgot how to sit down
by Sheep Licker July 16, 2006
A sexual position that involves a guy having sex with a woman while she is in labor, unbeknownst to the dude beforehand.
Me and my wife decided to have anal sex, but then a baby started popping out of her.

I had just performed the "Family Guy"
by Mr Happy Poop Fart Dick October 10, 2010
Contrary to popular belief it is Thee most over-rated show in the history of television cartoons. It-is-not-funny. Stewie is not funny he is irritating and needs to be raped and strangled.
over-rated. over-rated. over-rated. n o t f u n n y. It is also too fast paced and doesn't allow time for jokes to sink in. Yes there is such a thing as being too fast paced and this show accomplishes that. Bottom line: over-rated.
typical joe: Omg did you see family guy last nite??!!11!
daring to speak out against conventional belief: No!!!! Shut the fuck up!!! What the fuck is with everyone and fucking family guy??!! Jesus fucking christ IT-IS-NOT-FUCKING-FUNNY OK?!!!? It is highly over-rated and I'M SICK OF YOU FUCKING IDIOTS always going on about family guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That annoying ass little Stewie fucker gets on my fucking nerves AND NEEDS TO BE RAPED REPEATEDLY (pulls out a rifle and guns down everyone in the room)
One of the most overrated TV shows of the 21st century thus far. The early years were good, but since its return it has been boring, yet everyone likes it and sees it as better than the Simpsons, even though it is pretty much ripping of the Simpsons completely.

The characters are simple and unfunny.
Everyone else says family guy is funny and doesn't like the simpsons. I think they are insane.
by Rigged Game July 08, 2006
The most random show on TV by far. The best cartoon on tv. Peter Griffin steals the show
Family guy is amazing
by LilJOnwhattt: July 29, 2005
A once cancelled t.v. show that has just been re-aired on Fox. Family Guy is a comedy revolving the Griffins family. Peter is the main character who acts dumb, Lois is the mother/wife of the house who often tries to reason sitituations, Brian is the talking dog who acts like an adult, Chris is the fat son who acts just as dumb as his father, Meg is the daughter who is self conscious about herself, and Stewie is the smart talking baby who hates his mother and plans to conquer the world.
Lois: Did you paste your picture over our wedding portrait?
Peter: Yeah, I think it looks better.
Lois: You pasted it over mine.
Peter: Yeah, I think it looks better.
by michael June 02, 2005
A once amazing show that has undeniably deteriorated. Still good, but definitely not what it used to be. Compare the 1st 2 seasons to the newest episodes.
Family Guy seasons 1 and 2 were great, 3 was good, the 1st half of 4 was ok, but the 2nd half was 80% Meg bashing and flashbacks.
by Adrian July 17, 2006
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