Family Guy is an animated TV show created by Seth MacFarlane in 1999. It was then cancelled in 2002, but production then began soon after huge DVD sales kicked in.

Relies on pop culture and flashbacks to various points in history or geography, involving the characters and their hilarious outcomes.

Recently attacked by the creators of South Park, where the writers of Family Guy turned out to be manatees that would take a ball from their tank and put it in a small pile to form an episode.

Although, the episode was completely pointless, because we all know Family Guy’s writing isn’t that great, except for maybe the first 3 seasons as the jokes weren’t as random and were actually interconnected to the story.

Ever since the South Park episodes “Cartoon Wars”, every South Park fuck has jumped on the bandwagon and hated Family Guy. But what they don’t realize is that if you base a cartoon on total randomness and pop culture, you NEVER run out of material.

The South Park boys wish they had the amount of Family Guy’s audience, too bad.

Who the hell cares whether or not the show has a point? I don’t give a flying fuck, I want to laugh, and when I do, I watch Family Guy.

The exact reason why The Simpsons isn’t funny anymore, if their show was based off pop culture, you’d have never ending material.
South Park joke: Kid crawling up ladies vagina
Audience: lol?
Family Guy joke: Like that time I forgot how to sit down
by Sheep Licker July 16, 2006
A show that copied The Simpsons and the two shall never meet....A.K.A. El Plagirisimo, La copia
Man 1: Ever watch family guy =D
Man 2: so I'd rather watch the original: Simpsons
by Croatoan October 10, 2009
A rip-off of the simpsons.
Simpsons-Family guy
by ninjacow October 16, 2010
The most overrated show in TV history. Peter Griffin is just Homer Simpson with hair, glasses, and a Boston accent, and the show's most famous jokes are either dragged out too long and/or repeated too many times. Not to mention the show relies too much on pop culture references to be funny. And anytime a song appears on the show (Rock Lobster, Surfin Bird, etc.), then suddenly every teen in America knows everything about the song and band-even if they never heard of either before.
FOX was smart to cancel Family Guy in 2002, but then they stupidly brought it back in 2005.
by GaaraoftheDamned December 14, 2012
Family Guy is a show that comes on Fox and on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The show follows a disorderly family, Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, and Brian the dog.
The show uses flashbacks for it's humor, and it is often overused. These flashbacks have very little to do with the main plot, which is often hidden behind these flashbacks. The show is often bashed for the flashbacks and often accused of being a rip off of the Simpsons(In total irony, the Simpsons was accused for being a rip off the Flintsones). Sometimes the flashbacks work and other times it doesn't and the show has been going downhill since season 3, which is the common opinion of Family Guy fans.
Moving on to other things, the charathers are very predictable. And the running gags are never really mixed up, and running gags from certain episodes will come in to later episodes, they wern't like the "Kill Kenny" gags and you know it will happen.

Overall, I personally think that the show is unintelligent.
But I think it's a great show for a few laughs for anybody.
Why do you need an example for Family Guy? Just watch the show.
by Rurouni Kenshin June 15, 2007
The funniest, most random, and entertaining show ever created by man kind in the history of the world. The show kicks ass. Seth Mcfarlen is a pure genious! There is not a better show out there.
I have quit my religion and made Family Guy my bible.
by Josh Havier August 02, 2005
FOX cartoon that uses pop culture and tongue in cheek humor to induce hilarity to an otherwise lame lineup of FOX shows. Centers around the Griffin Family- Dad Peter, Mom Lois, Daughter Meg, Son Chris, Baby Stewie (evil genius), and Dog Brian- and their life on Spooner St. in Quahog. Everything and everyone is mocked from Osama Bin Laden making his next address to the U.S. to Optimus Prime being jewish. It is presented in rapid sequence, usually not adding to the plot, but that is where the appeal is.
Did you see Kate Moss on Family Guy? Everytime she turned sideways she disappeared... (Obviously making fun of how thin she is)
by Courtney_Ottawa_Canada March 07, 2006
Family Guy has some good humour but it's all stolen from The Simpsons. Without The Simpsons, there would be no Family Guy. Hey, The Simpsons already have a fat stupid guy, there's no need for another one SETH MACFARLAND

Guy 1: Did you watch Family Guy last night?
Guy 2: God no, I just watched The Simpsons
by JUJSAWE June 04, 2006
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