a bunch of pussies that argue all the time, cry, makeup, then argue some more, then my sister goes to empregnate herself at some party, and theres more arguing. BUT ITS OK! because daddys little girl can do whatever she wants.
mum: you kids didnt get xmas presents for the rest of the family! your so selfish!
me: i dont have any fucking money go kill yourself.
by antago0onist December 26, 2008
A magical assemblance of human beings, living in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, who come together to love, dance, wear costumes, give massages, cook food, hook up, have formal dinner parties, and play games. The Family owns and resides in the Inside Outside.
It's not cheating if he's in The Family!!!!!
by Sandra Day O'Conner April 07, 2006
someone you consider trusted enough to tell important stuff to and'or would do anything for; blood-relatives
Yo, you bedda not be messin' wit ma family, yo- i'll mess you up yo!
by wangster March 13, 2003
my family and i went for vacation.
by Ramiro Gutierrez July 10, 2006
A term used by members of the people's nation to descrip thier set (gang sub division).
Me and my family are gonna mess up your entire crew.
by CD April 06, 2003
A large orgy in which nobody wears protection (aka a rain coat). During the orgy the song "We are Family" by Sister Sledge plays at full blast from gnar amps. When the family subsides a week or two after the women that took part in the family realize they are preggos. Then when the fetuses are properly cooked, they shoot out of the vaginal passageway and make their accent into adulthood. They are all related which mean the orgy formed a family. Hence the name
After the movie tonight me and a bunch of kids are gonna go have a family.
by Danny Dapper June 28, 2009
A group of related humans (or animals) that are blood related. Most children hate them because their Mommy didn't give them what they want. Excuse them for not buying you a Plasma TV. Most kids also hate them because "They annoy me." Heads up, you're not going to get through life with that attitude because your gonna have a worse time with coworkers and your ex's.

They're not that bad. I mean they feed you and water you. What more do you need?
Kid: "I hate my family."
Other Kid: "And why is that?"
Kid: "Because my sister gets everything she wants like a new cellphone and a pet. But I don't get anything."
Other kid: "You think maybe because your sister loves your family regardless instead of only loving them when she gets presents?"
Kid: "Whatever I hate my Parents."
by Dinukun August 24, 2009

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