family is not defined by shared is defined by the people who love you as much as you love them, they are the ones you call, and the ones who will never let you fall. they are the ones you trust with everything and anything, and you know that you will never let each other down.
my friends are my family.
by daisy*cakes June 04, 2011
a group of persons closest to a person, either by blood from the streets or D.N.A. Persons you can count on when it gets thick.
My family was there for me when I got cought up.
by Jessiebear20190 August 07, 2007
The most hilarious people on earth. Knows how to make you laugh!!
I love my crazy, lovely, beautiful family!!!
by Hilarious! April 18, 2013
1.People who can ask for stuff and use things against you emotionally so you feel bad.

2. People who you are best friends with who sooner become your "family"
1. "Come on sis were family you would do this for me because were related"

2. "Kids you know uncle barney..." *How I Met Your Mother*
by lmfao@yourmomsface October 02, 2011
People who will always have your back on the crappy-est situations, and will stretch their necks out to save your ass. They don't always have to be blood, can be your best friend who knows you more than anyone else.
The Turgeons are an amazing family.
by thefamilyjumper February 27, 2011
A group of people you cant trust
Never trust family because they will fuck you over faster than a friend.
by Azulon June 30, 2013
A family is a group of people who are related. A
woman loves a man, they have childeren. A parent is either a man or woman who have childeren. The woman and man have parents of their own. To the the children, they are grandparents. The grandparents' parents to the children are called great grandparents. Then to great great parents, and so on.

The man and womans' siblings to the kids are aunt and uncle. The uncle is the brother of the mand and woman. And the aunt is the sister. The parents' aunt and uncles to the kids are great aunt and uncle.

A brother and sister is the childeren of a man and woman. The girl is the sister. The boy is the brother.

Most families love eachother. Some families can have parents that get divorced and makes the family complicated. The father may take one kid, the mother might take the other. Or one could take both.
My family is sweet and loving to me.
by Kitten Lover April 05, 2010

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