A bunch of assholes that think you owe them something!
mother-" I brought you into this world you ungrateful shit"

Dylan- "I was mistake i dont owe you shit bitch or my family"
#fun #shit #ass #tit #bass
by river jameser July 02, 2011
Family, a.k.a "The Filipino family", "FilaMafia" is an East Coast organized street gang, mainly spread across Southern Virginia's Hampton Roads Area which consist of the 7 cities mainly Virginia Beach. They are mainly composed of Filipino Americans. The origin of the gang is unknown, but many believed that it was formed in various high schools in Hampton Roads mainly Salem High, Norview High, Lake Taylor High, Green Run High and Granby High School. The gang was mainly formed to help defend Filipino's from harm at schools. The gang then gained a strong reputation for violence in some schools, particularly those located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Almost all the of the gang members are still very active in the Filipino-American Communities they live in or have settled in and several of them have post-graduate degrees and or are very successful in bussiness in Hampton Roads also a few have migrated to California, Texas, Florida, Nevada and Washington-DC/Baltimore Area. The were well known in the late 80's to early 90's as the "The Filipino Mafia." Several gangs have formed after the first generation grew older such as BMC and LMC which have lineage from the original founding members of Family.
Hey that dude is part of "Family".
Yo that dude is part of "Family", best not mess with him. Yo, I heard family be rolling deep at that party like 20 cars. Hey that dude from Family had dros on his truck and was hitting the switches.
#family #filamafia #bmc #lmc #filipino mafia #virginia #norfolk #virginia beach #757
by AnonymousPinoy August 06, 2006
A taxon broader than genus and narrower than order
by Lindsay April 03, 2005
In family life - love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds us closer together, and the music that brings harmony. They'll be there for you through good times, and in bad times.
When trouble comes your way, you family will always help you and are always on your side, no matter what
#family #love #good times #life #harmony
by Gdoggz September 12, 2011
some "genius" found out that ILY (i love you) was in family. Now preppy girls put it all over their profiles and guys that are fags follow them.
Him: "I'm going to hang out with my famILY and my bf"

Her: "I'm going shopping with the FamILY"
#family #ily #fami #i #love #you
by Fightingcrow April 18, 2010
An adjective describing entertainment media aimed at children and/or morons.
"Finding Nemo" is a family movie.
"7th Heaven" is a family TV show.
by Hm. May 29, 2004
A group of people you cant trust
Never trust family because they will fuck you over faster than a friend.
#people #hell #love #hate #abuse
by Azulon June 30, 2013
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