Bunch of people to whom you turn to when tou are in need of... cash.
"i don't know if i can come, i need to ask my mom first"
by the alpha male March 11, 2005
a fucked up mess of people. some people love theirs, some people hate them. at them end of the day, you're still fucking related.
Wow, her family took her house away, cause their duchebags.
#family #related #love #hate #mess
by rakheesroad March 08, 2010
heads of the 5 families of New York given and refered to by the testimony of Joseph Valachi (whom also introduced the terms "La Cosa Nostra","The Commission" during the 1963 McCellan's Senate Committee Case)of the Bosses during that time of his testimony.
Gambino(headed by Carlo Gambino), Genovese(headed by Vito Genovese), Columbo (headed by Joe Columbo), Lucchese (headed by Tom Lucchese), Bonanno (headed by Joe Bonanno)
"your apart of a family; a crew, that means no one can f**k with you."-Henry Hill (from the book "Wiseguy")
by x March 12, 2004
It's not necessarily about who's blood you have, or who you're forced to spend the holidays with. It's about people you love and they love you back. You'll always be there for your family when they need you, and they'll always be there for you. Blood related or not.
We're so close that I consider her family.
#love #family #close #friends #support
by kittykat14 July 03, 2010
A dysfunctional group of narcissistic morons hell bent on making you insane.
My family sucks.
#morons #idiots #crazies #bigots #siblings #parents #cousins
by IAmAPenguinGuy October 04, 2013
group of people who have all been inside the same vagina.
-creation of family-
Dad comes in vagina

Child come out
#biological family #brother #sister #mom #dad
by julopez November 27, 2011
Individuals with whom you share common ancestry, who will repeatedly screw you over (usually monetarily) throughout your life using the phrase, "c'mon, we're family," and who will also make you feel horrible for asking favors (usually monetarily) from them, also using the phrase, "c'mon, we're family."
Hey, I'm $500 behind on my rent. Do you think you can help me get by? C'mon, we're family!

How dare you ask me to give you a blow job?! C'mon, we're family!
#aunt #uncle #mother #father #satan
by kuromi-sama November 15, 2009
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