There are 10 types of family

1.Lineal/Immediate Family
parents, grandparents, etc. Children, grandchildren etc.

2.Collateral Family
Aunts, uncles, cousins etc.

3.Adoptive Family
Family by adoption

Your step-parent's side of the family.Your step-kids are also your step-family. Step-grandpa, stepmom, step-sister etc.

Family of Family or Stepfamily, but not YOUR family.

Your god-parents side of the family is your god-family. God mother, god father, god sister etc.

This is what happens when you say "Love ya like a sister!" to your BFF. She becomes costco family because you love her like family.

Your legal gaurdian(s) and the people who live with them are your custodial family, related or not.

9.Marital Family
Your spouse and anyone who lives with them falls into this category.

The family of your spouse, or the spouse of a relitave.
1. Don't say you don't have a Lineal Family, because you do.

2. My mom is Immediate family, and so her other children are my collateral family.

3. I wish I could be adopted by a better family

4. Sexual relations with your stepfamily IS incest!

5. Twins run in my side-family.

6. My godfamily is a small family of two.

7. I was looking forward to spending time with my costco family over summer vacation.

8. I heard someone in your custodial family is pregnant with triplets?

9. My marital family drives me crazy sometimes.

10. My bff is my sister-in-law.
by Anna Lynn Sanders June 01, 2010
Top Definition
A bunch of people who hate each other and eat dinner together.
I have to go to a family function.
by Guinness 1759 September 16, 2005
people you love and love you back, not neccessarily blood or biological, but you trust them and they trust you, and they take care of you and you take care of them.
i live with a mom,dad,sister,brother, but my family is you guys(my friends)
by tardcake September 18, 2006
The close relationships among a body of human beings through blood. Usually are annoying and invasive around the holidays.
"You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family. Unless you kill them, marry somebody and procreate to start a new one."
by CrazyMike February 10, 2003
A word used to force you to do things you don't want to do.
1. So you're going to leave your family just like that?
2. You have to forgive him he's your family, who cares if he shit in your cereal and raped your dog.

Family is overrated.
by Wompa One November 18, 2007
People who get into your buisness and live in the same house as you who your stuck with for the rest of your life till you move out. The worst thing is, sometimes you have to talk to them. :O
God my family sucks.
by Danielle April 22, 2005
Three types of family
-the family your born into
-the family you marry into
-the family you make
Its always changing, people die, get born, marry in and divorce out, but its people who for some reason or another claim each other, whether it's by blood or by your own choice.
I hate family reunions, people are always coming up to me and saying, 'HI!! You look so much bigger than the last time I saw you!' and I'm just thinking, is it bad that I don't know who you are?
by Scarlet4224 July 21, 2008
the one thing in life u can neva change and usually the one thing u want to the most.
my family hates me
by me February 06, 2004
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