A group of related humans (or animals) that are blood related. Most children hate them because their Mommy didn't give them what they want. Excuse them for not buying you a Plasma TV. Most kids also hate them because "They annoy me." Heads up, you're not going to get through life with that attitude because your gonna have a worse time with coworkers and your ex's.

They're not that bad. I mean they feed you and water you. What more do you need?
Kid: "I hate my family."
Other Kid: "And why is that?"
Kid: "Because my sister gets everything she wants like a new cellphone and a pet. But I don't get anything."
Other kid: "You think maybe because your sister loves your family regardless instead of only loving them when she gets presents?"
Kid: "Whatever I hate my Parents."
by Dinukun August 24, 2009
A group of people you cant trust
Never trust family because they will fuck you over faster than a friend.
by Azulon June 30, 2013
A conglomeration of people that you are related to who always create drama
family seems to be absorbed around drama
by WonderFully January 19, 2013
People who will always have your back on the crappy-est situations, and will stretch their necks out to save your ass. They don't always have to be blood, can be your best friend who knows you more than anyone else.
The Turgeons are an amazing family.
by thefamilyjumper February 27, 2011
a group of persons closest to a person, either by blood from the streets or D.N.A. Persons you can count on when it gets thick.
My family was there for me when I got cought up.
by Jessiebear20190 August 07, 2007
1.People who can ask for stuff and use things against you emotionally so you feel bad.

2. People who you are best friends with who sooner become your "family"
1. "Come on sis were family you would do this for me because were related"

2. "Kids you know uncle barney..." *How I Met Your Mother*
by lmfao@yourmomsface October 02, 2011
(see also: parents)

1) An imaginary concept invented by adults, who use the excuse of 'blood relation' to explain why a: you must have their permission for everything you do, b: you must always love them more than you love anybody else, and c: everything they do to ruin your life is 'for your own good.'

2) The name you give to the people whose house you live in until you can afford not to.

3) What it's called when two people have a baby and then proceed to stake a permanent claim on anything and everything to do with that child's life from conception until death based on the idea that just because he or she came out of their private parts that gives them the right and obligation to be a part of their life forever.

4) A contract made between two generations when the younger generation receives allowance, food, and bedding and the older generation receives complete and total power over the younger and the right and ability to completely ruin their lives whenever beneficial to them.
1. Ex. "YES you have to come on this week-long trip with us; you're a part of this family!"

2. Ex. "Let's go to your house; I'd rather you not have to put up with my family."

3. Ex. "You will respect us because we are your family!"

4. Ex. "You will do this because that's what it means to be in this family."
by C.S.H. December 28, 2009
The most hilarious people on earth. Knows how to make you laugh!!
I love my crazy, lovely, beautiful family!!!
by Hilarious! April 18, 2013
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