Family values are values which dictates how a family lives. One family might value healthy habits, while another family might value anarchy, thus having no values (still having no values is a value).
Father #1: What have I told you before son? No smoking coccaine in the house! I value healthy habits and I'll make sure this whole family values it as well!

Father #2: Son, remember this value, no values are good values. So if you forget this value well good for you! Now have some of this fine coccaine!
by Chronic Logic March 08, 2007
an annual tour started by KoRn. Features a few good bands (Korn,Staind,Static-X and Sevendust) and a couple other bands that i don't really like (Linkin Park)
Linkin Park fan: "Linkin Park was great today!"
Me:"Staind was better when they did "Crawl" with Static-X"
by perons who knows his shit November 03, 2003
Something most of us actually possess and don't force on others, while those who don't have it like to defame those who do.
Most of us in America hold family values dear, but liberals at urbandictionary like defaming anyone with this trait.
by krock1dk May 24, 2008
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