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Could be funny, depends on your definition of funny.

A show for people who have the attention span of salt.
It jumps for a part where Peter is talking to his wife, to fighting with a chicken.

It does have a plot but, that plot is (often) inturrpted by pointless gags that go on for unholy amounts of time.

The fanboys of this show will make you want to stab people though the internet.

The best charater is Quagmire because sex is funny...
If you think fart is funny, watch Family Guy. If not watch...waits for an intelligent show... Battlestar Gliatica?

Or read The Mist!
That show that discriminates every race, culture and religion equally.
by Rengiil May 06, 2011
1. Hilarious Fox animated show about a family (the Griffins). The main characters consist of Peter Griffin- a fat caucasian man with mental retardation. He used to mainly work on a toy factory, fishing boat, and now at the Pattucket Brewery.
Lois Griffin- Peter's wife, works at home. She is sometimes the voice of reason and is obsessed with sex.
Meg Griffin- Peter's unattractive and despised daughter.
Chris Griffin- 13-year old kid who is slightly smarter than his dad, Peter
Stewie Griffin- Intelligent talking baby with goals to conquer the Earth and kill his mother. (becomes gay later on).
Brian- funny talking dog with a sarcastic sense of humor. (becomes a jackass later on).

2. Same show after 2006 where the funny cartoon is suddenly transformed into a very succesful propaganda against religion, abstinence, America, and supports abortions and marijuana.
The comedy for the show has become secondary to the biased propaganda message the show is trying to get through to young people. The show has lost quality and people against it had been sterotyped as dogmatic Christians. It is now a successful attempt for Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy's creator) to control American society.
1. Who's your favorite character in Family Guy?
2. Marijuana must be legalized because Family Guy says so, Heil MacFarlane!
by USA COD fan November 03, 2009
A synonym for The Simpsons.
1: Remember that episode of Family Guy we saw a few nights ago?
2: Dude, that was The Simpsons
1: Yeah, that's what I said.
by David Horv January 09, 2006
A genuinly funny show in its early years. Still funny, but as it has grown in popularity, its quality as steadily declined, just like other shows (The Simpsons, Roseanne)
My problem is, FOX is cancelling the real greatest show of all time, King Of The Hill, to make room for a spinoff for Family Guy.
Lets watch family guy!

by Sweet_Tea_Sipper July 26, 2009
A hilarious cartoon that had 3 good seasons before they recently came back for a 4th with complete crap. Yes, Seth, we know you were supposed to be on one of the 9/11 planes, and we were all stunned and pissed on 11/2, just get over it and make good episodes...
"Blast who the devil do the teenagers like...Morgan Freemon!"
by Johnny X. June 19, 2005
A well-known animated TV show from FOX. Being a ripoff from "The Simpsons", it resembles the new episodes of that cartoon much more than the classic, old ones (before the 8th season). Some people say that "Family Guy" is even (!) duller than the new Simpsons.
"Family guy" has been cancelled by FOX. But now, some new episodes are being made again.
by Alex Nayle October 09, 2006