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Some black dude who goes into a chicken shop to order some chicken, but ends up buying a family bucket instead. other definitions for family bucket concluded that it is shared between 2 - 3 persons, this definition however is for just the one.
Guy - "Welcome to seavans fried chicken how may i help you?"

Kay - "Give me two piece chicken, 6 hotwings, chicken fillet burger, some more pieces of chicken and some more hotwings"

Guy - "Ok Sir, you might aswel buy the Family Bucket"

Kay - "yes give me that!"
by HopeYouCry November 12, 2013
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Term used to describe a girl who has slept with more than one menber of the same family or a close group of friends.
"Joe did you get the family bucket last night too?"
"Yeah.... she was better than i thought she would be! a bit greasy but I was still licking my fingers this morning!"
by Wanno10 September 25, 2006
The act of going to kfc, ideally with the intention to buy a family bucket between 2-3 people.
"im dying here - wanna family bucket it?"
"i dont f**king care for the gig, i family bucketed so im happy"
by rookeishi February 05, 2007

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