kinda famous, but not to the point of women having to get their titties signed by you.
Novi Novak is so fameish, hes gonna get huge soon.
by thisguysrighthere April 17, 2011
Top Definition
Kind of famous. Internet-famous people are fameish. Harlequin romance novelists are fameish. People on game shows are fameish. You were fameish that time you got interviewed for your local television station on your opinion of Craigslist prostitution.

Most fameish people think they are actually famous, but that is a myth.
"I have a million followers on Twitter, I'm fameish!"

"My friend became fameish after smacking his nuts on those giant bouncy balls in Wipeout."

"I'm so fameish, I'm on the main page for my college's website. Who wants a motherfucking autograph??
by Raquel PW May 02, 2011
Someone who is famous just for being famous, who's name is known by many but who's fame is short lived.
Balloon boy was fame-ish
by Raiderfan17 August 11, 2011
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