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An expression used to describe a person who will stop at nothing in an attempt to become or remain famous, even if that means humiliating themselves, betraying their friends, endangering their children, disgracing humanity, etc.
Recent examples of fame-seeking missiles have sold the story of their affairs with married celebrities, released sex tapes, photos, voicemails, and sexts, posed naked, posed semi-naked with Kermit the frog, pretended to launch their kid in a balloon, had 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day, compromised national security at a state dinner, wrote a tell-all, had a litter of kids, checked into rehab, PRehab, or mehab, quit her job as governor, took a punch in the face on camera, had the last name Lohan, and, of course, agreed to be filmed for a reality show.
by daisydoesit July 20, 2010
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