Termonogly used for someone close to you or your actual family
Invented by Sierria
Hey fam
by SSIEERRRIA May 25, 2015
A word used to describe someone you trust. Considerably, your barber. (You should understand this)
Barber:What do you want fam?
Him: Just make sure I can see the haters coming.
by RainbowsAndKaleidoscopes April 27, 2015
people who are close to you ex. friend, girlfriend, etc.
da fam kicked my ass cuz i got a girl pregnant
by TheRosterMaster March 27, 2015
the ebonic term for saying hello to a close loved one or another term for a person you get along dearly with
Hey, what up fam? What be crackin', son?
by weave March 22, 2003
Fake ass motherfuckers
It thought they were family but naw, they just fam.
by Crucial18 May 13, 2014
A Word You Can Call Someone You Completely Trust, Someone Who Has Such A Tight Relationship With You They Are Like Family Or Some Who Is Family. Fam Is Common In The UK (Often In London).
Jermaine : Hey Fam Want To Hit The Bong?

Tyler : Not Yet I'm Going To Finish This Blunt Then I Will Be With You.
by sahota4eva August 08, 2011
How many non-vietnamese or asian people try to spell the last name "Pham" for the first time.
Stranger: "What's your last name?"
Me: "Pham"
Stranger: "F? am? Fam?"
Me: "No, PH-am"
Stranger: "P-h-a-m....oh *looks confused"
by tnafam June 24, 2014
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