pads worn under a brassier to make a woman's breasts look larger
Those falsies can't fool me. I saw right through them.
by Light Joker December 12, 2005
Top Definition
official def: Padding or a pad worn inside a brassiere to make the breasts appear larger.

like stuffing. in fact most real bras kinda are like this
After some months Sally's falsies were all screwed up pointing all over the place. It looked hella ugly and obvious.
by welcome_2_lalaland June 06, 2005
Falsy is actually an important technical term in computer programming. A falsy value is one that will not cause an conditional block to activate.
#Python code

if {}:

print "This will not get printed, because {} (the empty dictionary) is falsy."
by tigerthink January 19, 2010
Used when something is false or incorrect. Usually used when having a debate and need a larger variety of words to reject an idea or statement.

(Alternative spelling: Falseies)
by ReginaSpecktor October 12, 2010
When a person sucks air up their butt and farts it back out
man that falsie was as loud as a siren!
by Falsie Master July 31, 2003
When you take a chick home and shes has a Penis
oh yeah baby im going to lick your pussy now ...... WHAT THE FUCK you have a COCK... you did the falsies on me
by Rubix July 13, 2004
Fake eyelashes
Oh my gosh! Jaclyn's falsies are on fleek today!
by Keera05 June 01, 2016
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