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The word faloose is a Homonym ... It used to describe something false as in a lie . But even better it also means horseshit! or bullshit!
"I can't believe they got us working 7 days a week now."
Carl :

That's just a load of faloose! if you ask me!


"Hey I thought he wasn't qualified for that office job! How on earth did he get it?"
He's been telling everybody, He's a shoe in , but we all know He's falooscinating!
by xctment July 16, 2009
\FAH-lews\ noun
1 : large balls of dust or small bits of assorted floor garbage generally found under furniture or along baseboards.
"The house was pretty but they had faloose everywhere."
by ralph July 22, 2004
Faloose.. to forget or loose something
Hey babe, dont let me faloose my purse tonight.
by The bimbo twins November 25, 2009

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