Used car salesman
Snake oil merchant
Person who can speak for an hour but never actually answer your question
student 1- "What did he say?"
student 2 - "He was such a falconer, useless"
by jayfab_1990 May 28, 2012
Top Definition
a person who breeds and trains hawks/falcons and/or follows the sport of falconry
He/She has been a falconer his/her entire life
by zhadow September 15, 2006
when you use you forearm to support a womens breast.
dude i totally falconered her.
by falcon master May 04, 2011
One of the best fucking power/folk metal bands in the world. Hailing from Sweden, Falconer has released seven albums between 2001 and 2011. The current (and past) lead vocalist is Mathias Blad, though Kristoffer Göbel was featured on Falconer's third and fourth albums. Falconer sings about such things as epic quests, shipwrecks, traditional folk songs, and falcons.
Falconer fucking rules.
by scorpiogtx1 March 13, 2012
1. the really creepy guy in the office mail room

In ref. to character from SNL.
Stop laughing here comes the falconer with the Fed Ex.
by thecharles September 10, 2007
Grown man w/bird and pistol seeking employment.
To alleviate the nuisance of pigeons and gulls at the waterfront, we have hired a falconer to release falcons and shoot pistols.

To alleviate the nuisance of the falconer, his falcons, and the random shooting, we have hired his ex-wife to patronize him.
by BuzzAldrin September 30, 2011
Knower of all things. A know it all
Don't be such a falconer bro!
by Champ Longfellow April 16, 2015
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