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A character from the popular video game series Star Fox, Falco Lombardi is the hotheadded rebel of the squadron; the top pilot of the team, a former space pirate, and the best friend of Fox McCloud, the team's leader. He is a tall, blue-feathered Avian (a bird species), with characteristic red patches around his eyes.

Though he might be a little rough around the edges, Falco is a hero at heart.
"Falco Lombardi. Just call me Falco."
by Quex the Myuu November 03, 2005
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Mrs Gellatley, a teacher who shows an uncanny resemblance to the Nintendo character
"mission complete, widja"
by max May 10, 2005
A 14 year old punk on the AA official forum that thinks he knows everything.
Falco Lombardi is a dead man walking.
by Frank F Dizzo February 19, 2004

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