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Japanization of the word 'fuck', might also refer to a popular website that hosts hentai doujin and videos
Kimi wo FAKKU-shite kudasai! ^__^
(Please fuck yourself! ^__^)
by fakkeur January 16, 2010
398 45
Fakku! is the world's largest English speaking hentai website on the net. It averages around 300 million page views a month. Fakku! was created in December of 2006.
Fakku! All About Hentai.
by hubu November 30, 2011
26 7
Japanese word for fuck. Not used for sex.
anata no ikimasu fakku. Not sure if that is exactly right. It's supposed to mean go fuck yourself.
by Okita-Sama March 01, 2005
130 169