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Adding friends to facebook who you don't socialize with, don't know anything about or maybe haven't ever met.

This is the common behaviour of people who think that Facebook is THE place to make new friends.

If you are not a fakebooker, you'll only add friends you have met, socialized with or/and talked to IRL or somewhere else.
By acting like this you will not be considered a n00b and your awesomeness will stay on a high level.
Dude1: Hey, man! I saw this really awesome girl walking by my house today! My neighbour knew her name and I totally added her on facebook!!!
Dude2: Wtf man, c'mon get some guts and go out and talk to her instead of fakebooking, you lifeless piece of shit.
by Valttee July 03, 2008
The act of intentionally misrepresenting your appearance on Facebook to hide that you are fat. This person will engage in the act of photo manipulation such as cropping out anything below the shoulders in pictures. The lower half of their body would show that they are clearly not hot, but they are more concerned with keeping up with appearances on Facebook than hitting an elliptical.
Guy1: Who is that girl with ----- in that picture? She's hot.

Guy2: That girl!? Don't let her fool you, she is always fakebooking.
by PantherB January 04, 2012
To overpost minuscule details of your life on Facebook so that you can (a) appear to be busier than you actually are, (b) brag about your enhanced financial status, or (c) nauseate the world around you with how bored you actually are.
So the power is out on our whole street from 9 till 4. This sucks... Off to do some running around fakebooking

Off to the mall and to have lunch. fakebooking

Trying to find a house to rent in X for Y's birthday weekend. He's dying to hit the slopes with his snowboard. There sure us a lot to choose from. fakebooking

Just thought I would Fakebook this
by shamalamadangdang January 17, 2011
Overly praise-full or hyper excited posts on another person's wall which are completely out of character for the person posting them in order to fool their "friends" on facebook that they are a nice person.
Can you believe what Cheryl posted on Sue's wall about her birthday?

She was just telling me yesterday what a lazy bitch Sue is!

Yeah, that is just Cheryl Fakebooking again so peple will think she's not the bitch she is...
by klasama November 09, 2010
creating a false facebook page impersonating someone that doesn't exist. possibly done to get past privacy settings on those you wish to stalk, or done to occupy an unfulfilling life in which people won't even be your facebook friend
some creep from rutherford started fakebooking on that lyndburg baby jessica potarro
by Kadence W February 22, 2010
It's when you type a bunch of comments.. but don't post them. Y'know, coz they're just too mean. Mwahahaha
I was fakebooking a bunch of Joe's posts. If only I had the balls to actually post them. Mwahahaha
by grokster March 09, 2016
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