The usually humorous depictions of a fake facebook page of a famous person, which contains back and forth banter with other affiliated people, status updates, groups etc...
Did you see Bill Gates' fakebook profile? Awesome.
by bigmac375 May 31, 2009
FaKebooK, an important social media portal intended for the soley use of the 'wanna enjoy life but I don't have time' internet population. It is important to differentiate it from FaCebook, one os world's largest community builder applications.
The relatively large use of FaKebooK will boost digital camera sales, service provider broadband, applications and virtual holiday sites. Also company revenues.

Yesterday I only got some time off to attend to that restaurant opening. Check it at FaKebooK mammy!
by IEStudent08 March 22, 2009
a collection of transcribed jazz tunes
collected by berklee students in the 70s.
full of standards and weak ass berklee faculty charts,
used by amateurs and beginners,
don't ever show up to a jam with this shit.
person 1: aiight you call the next tune
person 2: shit, let's do body and soul
person 1: aw shit i don't know that tune, you got a fakebook?
person 2: get the fuck outta here, leave that jamey abersole shit at home.
by too busy goin hella dumb December 19, 2006

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