A fake Facebook account. As in a account created for the purposes of: Sending yourself or friends extra game or app requests, Facebook Roleplaying, talking and interacting with strangers, or otherwise acting anonymously.
Bill creates a Facebook account called "Ash Catch-Pokemon" and befriends other Pokemon Fakebooks.
#facebook #fake accounts #pseudonym #myspace #fake #book #roleplay #anonymous
by Aliousis July 26, 2011
Its an imaginary virtual land where everything is believable. Like being in high school for all ages. Who run around dancing with fairies and unicorns. Sending other Fakebook users annoying magical game requests. Having the Fakebook on the not so smart phone, then looking at everyone's life and seeing how great they have it! Its all real in Fakebook world. Fakebook husband and wives sending other Fakebook users messages about things that shouldn't be mentioned. Its all fun and games in Fakebook world till the reality Governor comes and takes it all away!
Petro holds onto his love device the all new Crapple pad. His eyes pure and bright with sheer excitement. Its like a lust, you'd swear he's five and its xmas time. But he's not five, he's damn near fifty! What's all the smiles about. He just got a cow from Fakefarmville and its suddenly raining golden gems. All while he's suppose to be working. Two co-workers look on watching the great mystery.

Stinky: whats up with Petro?
Vooger: he's in deep with Fakebook again most likely
Stinky: Well he better get out of that before the boss see's him again. The guy is always on Fakebook
Vooger: Ahhh its alright its just Fakebook land home of the fairies and unicorns

Stinky: I don't think the boss will like it that he's not getting his work done
Vooger: The boss! Good one, that's a laugh.
Stinky: Why is that a laugh?
Vooger: Why you didn't hear?

Stinky: Hear what? I haven't heard jack squat!
Vooger: Yeah like the rumor is he's on Fakebook too messaging Krueger's wife.

Stinky: Now that's hilarious
Vooger: wont be if Krueger finds out that fella is a real killer
Stinky: true but its just Fakebook land!
#fun #internet #computers #social media #ipad
by MavrickSauls September 18, 2014
What all intelligent people call Facebook.... Because after all, nothing on Facebook is real....

A way to virtually hang out with virtual strangers and tell them that you virtually like the things that they virtually say, virtually do, virtually think, virtually feel and virtually believe.

You also can post pictures, but you only post the ones that make you look skinnier, younger, hotter and richer than you actually are.

People on Fakebook are, in all reality, actually just jealous that everyone else's life on Fakebook appears more fun and interesting than theirs.

However, each and every virtual " friend" on Fakebook is now obligated to tell whoever posts any pictures on Fakebook that they "like" everything their Fake, virtual "freinds" post.

If people are genuinely jealous then they become all fake and pretend their comments of "Im jealous" are really a compliment and said with an added J.k. ( just kidding) or ( LOL) or some other cute emoticon to make the comment not count.

No one is ever honest about having a bad time or being really sad, pissed off or upset or if they say they are upset their Facebook ( Facebook) "Friends" just gloss over it.
"I've been feeling like crap all week and I've got blood in my stool and urine, My spouse served me with divorce papers, I've been suicidal lately, and I lost my job."

( an actual update on Fakebook)
Here is the actual thread of Facebook responses:

"Wow, your life sucks..(J.k, LOL) you know I love ya!!.."

I just "liked" your comment, do u feel better now?

" Beleive in yourself and you can accomplish your dreams"....( this comment got 100 likes)

"check out the cute kitten video i posted, no one can b sad when they view, like, and share a cute kitty video"

" we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be" ( this comment gets 1,0000 likes)

"Gross man, we don't talk about that stuff here, but check my timeline.. I posted a mobile upload from my trip to Europe last week"

"Look at these cookies, cakes and pies I made with the grandkids". Yummy!!!

"Did you get my Farm ville invite? I sent you three, why did you never reply?"
by Sissityray October 22, 2015
A second Facebook account set up so only your really real friends can see what you really real think.

Another account set up because your primary one has been contaminated by "friends" you work with/for, people who you might talk crap about, etc., but which you can't delete or unfriend for certain reasons.

For example, you work for a company where your boss and other upper management like to find you and friend you, then you're scared to talk crap about said company.
Check out my Fakebook page, I can't talk about how stupid (insert lame shit here) on my main Facebook account because big brother is watching.


I have the whole story on my Fakebook page because I don't want my girlfriend to hear it...
#facebook #friends #secret accounts #big brother #poo
by Wordsmith 1 June 17, 2009
A facebook account made by somebody different than the account's name (which is also a real person), usually to exploit the fact that this person doesn't have a facebook.
Jonny's AIM Status "nobody add my fakebook, Danny made it because he wants me to make my own account"
#facebook #myspace #fake #twitter #social network #loser
by metsrule08 April 27, 2010
1.The underlying phonyness of services like myspace and facebook. It comes from knowing very little about your 'friends" other than that they are drunk party sluts or losers that pose for themselves.
2.Any religious doctrine
-"Hey did you talk to that cute girl?"
-"Why would I?, You've seen her nasty pics on fakebook. That girl must be looooose!
Jimmy dropped outta school and picked up the fakebook. now he's trying to convert everybody
#face book #fake book #facebook #religion #college
by Mr. Debonair May 14, 2006
not a book with chord charts, but a facebook account, which has been created by a famous person in order to live a normal social networking life.
Dude, Steve Nash just gave me his fakebook name. That rules because now I can REALLY be friends with him on the internet instead of just tweeting @ him.
#facebook #social networking #internet #relationships #famous
by blaqnaztee April 06, 2010
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