Destiny Gover.

A pale-ass freckle bitch with disgusting bacon grease hair. Always has her tits hanging out of her shirt and her cellulite hanging out of her shorts. Destiny Gover should never be trusted. She'll act like your friend and then talk shit on you the next second. A shady ass bitch, if you ask me.
"God, that girl is so fake. She talks shit on everybody."
"She's a Destiny Gover. She talks shit on everybody and acts like she's perfect."
by BB ;) June 07, 2013
A group of girls in a school who we call FAKE...Their sluts with fake voices and ugly faces but think they are hott!! They think that guys actually like them when actually the guys are only just wanting some!!
K.T.M.R.G.D. are fakes because their ugly and fake!!
by Tabatha March 02, 2005
trying to be cool but cant
amit is fake a faggot and a queer bear
by amits daddy December 11, 2006
Acting like a no-talent assclown online and pretending to have skill where none exists.
"That guy is so fake he can't stop camping!"
by Mark Dodge January 07, 2004
The people that walk around with fake clothes and listen to music my eminem and 50 cent.hated my everyone else but they dont know it.
Eaminem and 50 cent are such fakes.
by Shadow Boxa December 24, 2006
Something that is or was awesome. (Has nothing to do with the opposite of not real)
I went to a party last night and hooked up with the hottest girl. She was fake!
by Brad1976 February 05, 2008
1. Used as a reaction to any totally crazy event.

2. Used to explain any situation that isn't going your way.
1. "I can't believe Greg hooked up with Tom last that's so Fake!!"

2. "I asked Gretchen out last night."
"Really? How'd it go?"
"Go nothin'...she said no."
"WHAAT? How Fake!"
by Snizzard December 16, 2007

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