Fake to act unlike yourself or to only side with winning force and change sides very easily
Tia is fake. Tia:bitch if you don't get the fuck up outacc's face she gone beat yo ass
Wendy bitch slap's cc

Later that day
Tia: bruh I knew cc was gone get slapped wendy gone beat dat ass

Tia is fake
by The goat February 20, 2015
Fake means your fking fake or drop pirate hats
Namoi Flea is Fake
by DeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezNutz March 06, 2014
simply dumb ass bitches who think there all that by slapping a pound of makeup on and a low cut Blows with a incredibly padded bra as they like to call it "Boobie contraptions" thus making there face look like a barbie and there tits look like tits and less like ant bites...fakes are often called posers
Jill~"hey do you see that poser over there?"
Jack~"yea she has nice boobs!"

jill~"WHAT BOOBS!!!!!"
Jill -.- "I hate Fakes"
by omgtheresofake October 10, 2011
A gangsta who commits felonies but gets caught to many times and ends up having to find a new profession after realizing how much he sucked at the thug life.
Fake: Hey kid, the thug life is not the way to go you will end up dead or in jail.

Real: Fuck you nigga just because you got caught for everything you did don't mean I'm I will.

Fake: I got caught and convicted check my record bro, I'm the hardest mutha fucka you'll ever meet.

Real: Only a fake gangsta like you would get caught since You brag about all the crimes you commit on urban dictionary.


Real: You should be on The Worlds Dumbest Criminals.

Fake: What's The Worlds Dumbest Criminals?

Real: You're the worlds dumbest criminal. You got caught stealing a toof brush and violated your parole remember?

Fake: Going to prison makes you a real gangsta.

Real: I bet you cried like a little bitch when you were there STFU.
by hardcorewanksta January 09, 2010
Describing something that is at the top level of greatness, insanity, or beauty.
Wow, did you see that dunk by Vince Carter? It was fake!

That girl is fine! Yeah, she is pretty fake!
by Justin Neffgen June 21, 2007
not real or non existent
pamela andersons tits
by nuts stapled to da rock 16 October 13, 2004
v. to seem like you intend to hook up or do something sexual but do not.
What happened with you and that girl?

Man, she was faking. All the girls in this school are fakin'.
by peter bakke December 05, 2004

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