A 7 graphic novel long series by Sanami Matoh about two New York cops, and their intensifing relationship with eachother.
Best fucking manga EVER.
by devilzukin December 01, 2003
Roberto Colon (from the beacon school) and all he encompasses
wow that black man is pulling a fake
by bobby oshgenslauters November 15, 2014
A person who talks about somebody behind they back and be they friend the next day like nothing happened.
" I heard somebody call you fake."
"How they gone call me fake but can't come say it to my face."
by i_love_my_haters December 18, 2013
A gangsta who commits felonies but gets caught to many times and ends up having to find a new profession after realizing how much he sucked at the thug life.
Fake: Hey kid, the thug life is not the way to go you will end up dead or in jail.

Real: Fuck you nigga just because you got caught for everything you did don't mean I'm I will.

Fake: I got caught and convicted check my record bro, I'm the hardest mutha fucka you'll ever meet.

Real: Only a fake gangsta like you would get caught since You brag about all the crimes you commit on urban dictionary.


Real: You should be on The Worlds Dumbest Criminals.

Fake: What's The Worlds Dumbest Criminals?

Real: You're the worlds dumbest criminal. You got caught stealing a toof brush and violated your parole remember?

Fake: Going to prison makes you a real gangsta.

Real: I bet you cried like a little bitch when you were there STFU.
by hardcorewanksta January 09, 2010
Describing something that is at the top level of greatness, insanity, or beauty.
Wow, did you see that dunk by Vince Carter? It was fake!

That girl is fine! Yeah, she is pretty fake!
by Justin Neffgen June 21, 2007
Fake is someone who pretends to be your friend but they always talk shit about you when you're not around so technically the are Sons of bitches.
Teen girl"She's like so fucking fake like.....ugh"Teen girls Bff "LIKE,...... Ugh
by Eric da fuckin truth April 28, 2016
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