Lindsay Lohan: Geez Paris is so fake
Nicky Hilton: takin a look at yourself lately?
Paris Hilton: guys stop fighting over me im not fake im plastic

Lindsay Lohan: =='
by Hatesparis June 16, 2009
To fake in connection to photoshop

To create a new image from others, most commonly used to refer to the process of creating a nude image of a person using a fully clothed image of the person and a nude image of another person. Most commonly a celebrety or well known individual.
A specific version of photoshoping or to phtotshop

A person who fakes is a Faker or Fakir
Fred faked Uma Thurman showing her tits!
by NetFreak April 12, 2005
Some middle class people at university.

You know the ones- wear designer rags, smoke roll ups to make themselves seem proletarian, bang on about George Orwell while sneering at the people they want so hard to be like, the "commoners" due to romantic delusions of hardship.

meanwhile the students from the lower orders are busy and quietly working hard to make sure they don't stay in poverty.
"Like, being poor is soooo"

"Ewww, look at that ragger, bet his lone mother lives on that awful estate, Daddy told me to stay away from them, they have been known to eat babies you know".
by Ham March 24, 2004
being someone your not, or lieing about everything to everyone. basically a complete bitch👌🏼
shes so fake, lies about everything to everyone constantly.
by the realest👌 April 15, 2015
People who act like the nicest person ever to you in person. Then when they aren't around you, they talk so much shit!
"Hey, girl! How are you?" Sandra asked.

"I'm fine, thanks." Jessica answered. Sandra gave her a smile and walked away.

*Hours later*
"Teya! Jessica is such a bitch, she's so fake. Ew. I can't believe she's even alive. You don't know much I hate her." Sandra told Teya.
"I know, I can't stand her. She can go die."
by Jessica Clearwater May 11, 2013
simply dumb ass bitches who think there all that by slapping a pound of makeup on and a low cut Blows with a incredibly padded bra as they like to call it "Boobie contraptions" thus making there face look like a barbie and there tits look like tits and less like ant bites...fakes are often called posers
Jill~"hey do you see that poser over there?"
Jack~"yea she has nice boobs!"

jill~"WHAT BOOBS!!!!!"
Jill -.- "I hate Fakes"
by omgtheresofake October 10, 2011
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